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The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Jack Wants To Settle Theo’s Lawsuit – Kyle Outraged, Says Theo Deserves Nothing?

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that the Abbott family will have to unite in the coming days. As Y&R viewers know, Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson) has lobbed a major lawsuit against the family, demanding to be awarded Dina Mergeron’s (Marla Adams) entire estate. That’s a major request, but Theo probably has the potential to get at least a chunk of the estate, considering he’s the son of Dina’s first-born child.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – What Will Happen To Theo Vanderway’s Lawsuit

Of course, Theo’s (Tyler Johnson) strategy is probably to ask for the whole estate and hope he’ll get awarded a good portion of it. For Theo, the move is largely about being slighted by the family and being treated like an outsider, so he’s looking for a big victory, so he can get back at the family – both in the pocketbook where it hurts and just on general principle.

Well, according to the previews for the week of November 7 – November 11, the Abbott family will meet to try to decide what to do about Theo’s lawsuit. Obviously, they’re going to need a strategy to deal with Theo’s request, and it looks like Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will have an idea to start off the discussion. Specifically, Jack will want to make the lawsuit go away, and Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) will lead the family in a vote on the issue.

Well, when someone says, “make the lawsuit go away,” that generally means that he or she wants to settle, which in this case would mean paying Theo something to get him to drop the lawsuit. Jack might think that this will work to soothe Theo since he’s upset over only being left with a broken pen from Dina. (Marla Adams) Well, in the previews, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) doesn’t look thrilled about his father’s suggestion, and we suspect that he’ll balk at the idea of a settlement offer.

Y&R Spoilers.- Kyle Abbott Is Going To Be Furious

After all, Kyle can’t stand Theo, and he’s probably like to see Theo get absolutely nothing out of the deal. Kyle may want to take the risk in court and see to it that Theo gets zero dollars from Dina’s estate – of course, the only problem there is that Theo could actually win if they take things to court, and he could potentially wind up with a bigger chunk of money than he’d get if the family settles with him.

Something tells us that Kyle is going to be furious with the thought of paying Theo to go away. Kyle will probably argue that this is exactly what Theo wants and that the family should unite against him to fend off his attack on them. But will Traci, Jack, and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) go for that? Will they be willing to take the risk of going to court?

Kyle will probably put forth a good argument that Theo is using this lawsuit to get to him, and that it’s important that the family not buckle to Theo’s demands in any way. We’ll see if the elder Abbotts heed what Kyle is saying here, but Kyle might point out that he warned everyone about Theo and his wicked ways from the start, but no one listened. Perhaps Kyle will get everyone to listen to him now and fight this lawsuit in a court of law.

Do you think that Theo and the Abbotts will ultimately battle this out in court? Stay tuned to the CBS soap and don’t forget that CDL is your go-to source for all the latest Young and the Restless spoilers, updates, and news. We’ve got you covered!

  1. Guest says

    With out a doubt Kyle is a jerk. It appears to me that Theo has something on Kyle and Kyle feels Theo will tell all. Theo has been treated less than a family member and he is entitled to be included, which if Dina was in her right mind after learning that Theo was her grandson she would have included him in her will. The Abbotts are showing who they really are after all these years. With Kyle leading the whole bunch of them, phonies.

  2. Jezz says

    I totally agree. I hope you are right and Theo eventually shows Kyle for the spoiled brat he is. Ok Theo has made some mistakes but I can understand it having lost his family and trying to fit into the new one he's just found. Jack has done some questionable things in the past but he tried to right his wrongs, so I could get onboard because no one is perfect but I feel Jack's gone too far this time. I especially didn't like when he didn't have something made for Theo like he did for the others. For me it felt like Jack had already abandoned Theo. Tracy is suddenly heartless! That doesn't sit well. I don't like it, we already have the Newman's terribly dysfunctional family it was nice to feel the Abbott's were a better example. I guess spite and nastyness is the big attraction these days, so sad. I want to see Theo get his fair share and stay on the show, being a successful man, taking his fortune and it making him a better person. I want a good underdog story for a change instead of rich and privileged, none deserving people always succeeding. I am sick of people misdeeds being sanctioned by success, glitz and glamour. I really enjoyed your comments.

  3. Jezz says

    Abbott's are selfish, spoiled and privileged. I didn't expect much from Kyle or even grasping Ashely, who of all people should understand what it feels like to be family but feel unwanted. It wasn't too long ago she was only satisfied when she found Dina and John left her the Jabot pattern rights worth lots of money. It disgusts me she can't see it's about love and family recognition and not Dina's money Theo wants. Kind hearted Tracy feels like she has fell out of character. Tracy is sensitive and insightful, so it doesn't feel right she wouldn't understand the sadness driving Theo. Kyle was his usual privileged, smarmy, rich white guy character, giving white men a bad name, being his usual nasty, selfish, spiteful self. Jack reverted back to being an absolute dick when it comes to his family and their money. Sadly this story spoiled the Abbott's for me. The treatment of Theo is vile and spiteful, constantly shouting Dina didn't know you to care about you! Would Theo be entitled to more love if he had been adopted by the Abbott's rather than given away like garbage. Theo deserves compensation, Dina denied him the life her other children had, the opportunity to love and know her before her advancing illness, she also inadvertently denied him an inheritance, all things considered Theo deserves reasonable compensation, he has lost the opportunity to know and love his grandmother he should be compensated properly, not just given a pen. I don't like Jack and Tracy now.

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