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The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Tara’s Cover Blown, Kyle And Summer Leave GC Together?

The Young And The Restless: Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) threatens Summer Newman (Hunter King). We don’t know what Summer is going to do about this dilemma yet. However, a lot of fans think Tara somehow tampered with the paternity test. So, could Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer actually leave for Milan together?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Tara Locke’s Paternity Scam

Y&R spoilers reveal that Tara claimed that Kyle was Harrison Locke’s (Keller Enriquez) real father. He summoned a lab technician to the house. After taking Kyle’s sample, Tara escorted the tech to get Harrison’s sample. The results showed that Kyle was the father. However, some fans are convinced that Tara distracted the tech or maybe even paid her off to switch the samples so Kyle would be named the father instead of Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi). Some even think that Ashland and Tara are working together on this scheme.

Y&R Spoilers – Summer Newman Tells?

More recently, Tara has decided to take Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) up on her offer. She threatens Summer and tells her to leave the country or Kyle will never see Harrison again. We know that Summer reacts by calling Tara a “b**ch.”

Now, this could go a few different ways. Summer could decide to take the job in Milan that Sally has orchestrated and gives Kyle an excuse, such as the opportunity is too good to pass up. She could refuse and risk Kyle losing Harrison forever. Or she could tell Kyle that Tara threatened her, but he is unlikely to believe her unless she provides proof. Secretly recording a follow-up conversation would do the trick.

The Young And The Restless Spoiler – Kyle Abbott Plays Games, Too

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that if Summer tells Kyle the truth, he might not believe Tara is playing these games. However, he also knows that Summer is unlikely to lie about something like this. He could decide to get to the truth by playing his own mind games with Tara.

Y&R Spoilers – Couple Leave Together?

Soap Opera Digest has teased one popular soap couple who is having issues negotiating their contracts. If the soap is Y&R and the popular duo is The Young And The Restless Spoilerthat means both Summer and Kyle could exit. If this happens, there is no way that Kyle would ever leave Harrison. Unless it was proven that the paternity test had been tampered with and the boy was really Ashland’s son.

Let’s go a step further and say Ashland is either lying about dying, or he gets a miracle cure. Do Ashland and Tara plan on staying in Genoa City? If so, then Kyle and Summer might choose to leave to have a fresh start without the Locke family or Sally causing additional problems for them.

Do you think that Kyle and Summer are the couple that is threatening to leave due to not getting their way during contract negotiations? Let us know what you think and we will keep you posted.

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  1. Jezz says

    I know it's a soap but seriously!! I keep waiting for Summer supposedly intelligent and the love of Kyle's life to put Tara in her place. Yes, any man or woman should care about and love their first born but it's not like Summer is infertile, as if the "supposed to be together couple" wouldn't equally if not more adore children from their wonderful love!! It's so annoying writers telling us Kyle and Summer forever and then write this garbage. I am tired of dialogue telling us how in love or smart they are only to turn it to lip service. For the Summer story to fly she needs to be putting Tara in her place.

  2. Guest says

    Summer and Kyle have always got a storyline. What would be the problem for them. Not my favorite couple, after what they did to Lola. But they will survive, know matter where they go. Others do not know. Some good couples and some that do not need to be together. Guess have to wait and see, see if the ones you root for will ever make it. My couple would be {Nick and Sharon} together. I know will be a long shot, there"s always someone standing in their way to be happy together. Always some reason why they can not get it right. They both know what each other has done, can they put all behind them and move on together. They love and need each other now. Others not so much. Wish Abby and Chance could have made it, they were good. Just me rambling about what I would like to see. For Kyle he did do good excepting Harrison whether his son or Not. He really stepped up as a father.

  3. Guest says

    If Ashland and Tara had a game plan to take down the Newman's and Abbotts, from the beginning, then what would be good is is for Victoria to continue with a relationship with Ashland, and continue with a merge of both companies making her sole provider. Let him go ahead and die, to where Tara receives nothing from either company that he had just for her role of trying to destroy the Newman's and Abbot's it would be a pay back! Or not Ashland die but marry Victoria anyway and let them be the next powerhouse couple sounds good to me!

  4. Guest says

    John Abbott was the only one to ever counter Ashland–it HAS to be a master plan on the Locke's behalf to conquer Genoa City.

  5. Guest says

    Summer should tell Kyle an PHYLLIS…. Look out Tara

  6. Guest says

    I'm glad both Summer & Kyle are leaving for Milan but look it this way the scam artist Tara is lying about the paternity, its not Kyle's son and Ashland is not dying, he is fooling everyone so he can pick up his son who he raised since an infant, till the real father like Theo comes forward say that is his son, so Kyle went on a joy ride with all her lies, now it caught up to her, she has no one which is good, so hope she leave GC

  7. Guest says

    I've Said All Along I Don't Believe The Locke's, They
    Are Both Manipulators
    & Need To Leave With
    Harrison In Tow, The
    Kid "Isn't Kyles" He
    Looks To Muxh Like
    Tara Not Kyle, If They
    Wanted It To Be Kyle's
    They Would Have Gotten
    A Brunette Kid To Play
    Harrison. I Hope If
    Summer Leaves For
    Milan Kyle Goes With
    Her Right After They
    Get Married & Kyle
    Does Another Private
    Paternity Test To Prove
    He Is The Dad Or Not
    & I Hope He Isn't, Maybe
    Harrison Is Theo's, Tara
    Has Proven Herself To
    Be A LIAR So Who Knows
    Who The Baby Daddy Is.

  8. Guest says

    I don’t care what happens to Kyle and Summer. I liked Lola. My maiN concern is Chance. I want him back . That is Donny Boaz as his character. He had a great personality not to mention his good looks. Much better at that part than Abby’s real husband. Still want everyone to find out Adam did not run over Delia. That is way over due. Would love to see Dillion show up on Sharon’s doorstep. Maybe Chance and he were together on a secret mission and the people were busted that put Dillion in witness protection so he can return. As far as Ashland and Tara. Well Victor will take care of Ashland now that Victoria is involved. Tara’s scheming will be found out soon enough.

  9. books says

    I like your story. If someone has to leave let it without a doubt be Summer. If a couple has to go, send Kyle and Summer. They will not be missed, especially, Summer.

  10. books says

    Summer should have been put in her place a long time ago.

  11. books says

    I now believe that Ashland is the dad and he and Tara are pulling a scam. Why not, Phyllis has done the scamming since she first started on the this soap and is still hanging around as if she is all that. and she is not. Let Summer leave and not come back.

  12. books says

    Victoria does not own Newman Enterprise and I really do not see Victor letting any one take over his company, Victoria might be able to merge the two companies but Ashland nor Victoria will ever take Victor's company.

  13. books says

    Ashland is the dad and not Kyle or Theo.. Yes, send Kyle and Summer away, Summer go alone and have Kyle around when Lola returns.

  14. Jezz says

    I feel the Summer and Abby stories are so silly. They have these supposedly intelligent women, children of strong loving parents running around like teenagers, sniveling over everything! I'm sick and tired of these two. Why is the show writing adult women act like chicken! If they want to write a crybaby story use Jonny and Katie, not adults. Abby wearing that stupid sweatshirt having a pregnant woman having to pander to her to cheer her up, give me a break!!! I am seriously considering stop watching, the Disney Channel kids are more adult.

  15. books says

    Agree with most of what you are saying. Victor will take care of Ashland and I do believe Ashland is not dying and that he and Tara are in this together. As far as Summer and Kyle are concerned I can not wait until Summer is gone. Super couple for this soap alone with Victor and Nikki is Nick and Sharon. also I to believe Adam did not run over Delia

  16. books says

    I am thinking, please send Summer away all by her self.

  17. Guest says

    I love the idea of Summer and Kyle leaving together. Sure don’t like Tara. Don’t want Harrison to be his son. We need this mess to be over.

  18. Guest says

    I don’t want them go get to the bottom of this. Take another test but don’t let anyone know except Summer she can know what your doing.

  19. Guest says

    I thin Tera and Lock are playing game. Please get rid of the games.

  20. dmf05 says

    I totally agree with you! This is the dumbest storylines I have seen on Y&R in a long time! Getting tired of these non-creative/uninteresting/drawn out storylines! I can say the same for the Abby/Chance storylines. It’s gotten stale! Tired of watching!

  21. Guest says

    I think that Harrison is not Kyle if anything it might be call cousin theo I think they're just trying to take away the Newman and the Abbott company they're up to something Ashland never try to sleep with Victoria and Tara neve try to sleep with Kyle and the couple fighting for contract renewal Sharon and Ray

  22. Guest says

    ive said all along that tara tampered or paid the nurse to change the dna test i hope summer tells kyle jack and phyllis what taras up to i feel bad for harrison if kyle isnt his dad hell be totally confused and jack will be broken hearted we ll see what happens tara and locke need to go back to ny and when victor and jack are done with them they my be poor

  23. Guest says

    Leave Kyle and Summer together,Send Sally away,also Tara and Ashland can leave .Rather see Chance and other characters return.

  24. Guest says

    Why doesn’t summer record conversations with tara

  25. Guest says

    I hope Summer and Kyle both leave.A boring couple,And take Phyllis with them

  26. Guest says

    Purposely Phyllis an nick r gonna break up.

  27. Queenur says

    Off subject but why is Tessa suddenly acting like sally

  28. Guest says

    I think Sally and Tara needs to be exposed. Jack is 2 old to keep falling for these tricks by young women. Victoria with Aseland and Tara has to sit on side line looking at both men passing her by. Oh and don't let Sally enjoy herself, Jack needs to learn about her cancer trick in California. Story line is so obvious to me at home. Writers need to do better.

  29. Emma Hardy says

    It's time for Summer, Kyle and Phyllis to go. Tired of them skimming people. Tired of Nick with Phyllis

  30. Guest says

    Kyle Summer just getting great. Keep them !! Enough. Be smart
    Get Tara Sally exposed

  31. Guest says

    Want to see summer and Kyle happy reunion don’t want to see Victoria hurt reveal screaming sally and Tara

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