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The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Victor Gives Victoria A Taste Of Her Own Medicine, Daughter Outplayed!

The Young And The Restless: Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) The Young and The Restless spoilers and updates reveal overly sure of herself, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) prides herself as being her father, Victor Newman’s straight-A student when it comes to imitating his business savvy. While she has learned to be like Victor, she cannot duplicate him. The spoilers are spilling the “tea”. They say She is trying to run with the “Big Dogs” Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi), Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), and her dad Victor, but Victoria will soon find out that “the student can never be GREATER than the master.”

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Vicious Victoria Newman Voted Out Of Newman. Cries, “You Can’t Fire Me!”

The “Spoiler word on the street” is that Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is remembering how Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) got together with all her siblings (minus one), some years ago, and successfully sued him for 1.5 billion Newman Enterprises dollars. Now he will give her a taste of her own medicine and have her voted out as CEO by the majority shareholders.

Y&R Spoilers say Victoria’s venomous actions and cutthroat attitude will be a bit too much for Victor, and the “big corner office” at Newman Enterprises. I agree with the spoilers. There can only be room for “one” set of those types of actions and attitudes in that office, and Victor will make sure that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) the family outcast, is the “one” who will soon be occupying that CEO space.

Y&R Spoilers – “Shey” Marriage Hanging By A Thread!

Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) is feeling hurt, jealous, and unpreferred by his wife Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case). The spoilers indicate that any progress they may make in getting their marriage back on track will be truly short-lived. Rey won’t be able to stand the fact that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) is holding the “Daily Double” winning ticket to Sharon’s heart. He’ll be saving Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) life one day and saving Faith Newman’s (Reylynn Caster) life the next.

Rey knows he will never have all of Sharon’s heart because Adam’s heroic actions will create a concrete bond that Rey will not be able to breakthrough. The spoilers tease that the “green-eyed monster” of Rey’s jealousy will be the demise of his marriage.

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  1. Guest says

    I don’t think Rey is being jealous or unreasonable at all. You should be able to trust your wife to stay away from her ex or help elude the police and her husband is a cop. I get tired of Sharon marrying somebody and then gravitate towards Adam every time. Sharon has lied and deceived Rey from the moment he proposed.She’s also lying about her feelings for him too, she is not in love with him. She was in love with the fact he was willing to break the law to help her escape the police., when he found out she was innocent in the whole JT fake murder storyline. All you have to do to win Sharon’s heart is be surrounded in drama and you’ve got her. Sharon isn’t in love with Rey or Adam she’s in love with drama and attention she gets from that drama. Besides Rey and Sharon have never had any chemistry whatsoever. The only person Sharon should be with is Nick and Y&R need to rectify that. It’s annoying watching Phyllis with Nick. Even more annoying is watching Sharon play with Rey’s heart.She doesn’t love humans we all know it…

  2. Jezz says

    I don't like always making Sharon a fuzzy about her feelings bimbo. The history of Sharon's story has Sharon trying to sort out her life, getting a degree in mental therapy. That type of degree would also require self emotional reflection and analysis. People interested in this topic wouldn't easily act like Sharon. Sharon would be looking at her actions and trying to get to the root of her feelings so she wouldn't hurt Rey or others she love with this rediculous flimflaming around like an idiot.

  3. Jezz says

    I don't agree with the saying "The Student Cannot Be Greater Than The Master". Someone taught Shakespeare to write. Most brilliant musicians were taught by masters who would end up being not as great as their pupils, mathematicians etc etc. Progress would never have been made in if some students couldn't take a master's training and better it. In Victoria's case she may not be a better business person but Adam has potential.

  4. Guest says

    I think Rey should get over his jealousy of Adam & Sharon, they are so close and confide in each others its not like they'll be a couple but they are a couple in real life with not acting. The y & r was supposed to find a date for Adam if he decides to stay in GC but first his name has to be cleared off the Chelsea mess she created with Chloe. As for Victoria she wanted the other company Ashland had but her dad Victor fought for it so Adam can work with him, what she should do is give up Newman Enterprises and go work with Billy and Lily at ChanceCom. Than I heard Victor will get his own company back too from under her.. looking forward to that one with smiles.

  5. books says

    No way Victoria, Billy and Lily will ever be able to work together. If they tried, it would be a disaster.

  6. books says

    I believe all that you said. Nick and Sharon love each other. You can see it when they are together. There is no chemistry displayed with Sharon and Adam, and definitely none with Rey.
    There is no chemistry with Nick and Phyllis either. She tries too hard and is just like Lily, too phony. Hoping Nick and Sharon will soon get back together.

  7. books says

    I think Sharon needs to look deep inside herself and know that she does love Rey the way a woman loves a man and walk away. Sharon's first and true love is Nick and they both are fighting it by being with others.

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