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The Young And The Restless’ Victoria Is Nothing But Cold And Cruel

The Young And The Restless:Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle)The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Victoria reveling in her victory over Ashland Locke, but she didn’t care who she had to step over to get what she wants.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Ice In Victoria Newman’s Veins

There was once a time when Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) was a somewhat sympathetic character on The Young and the Restless. She wanted love. She wanted to raise a family. She wanted success in her career even if everything was professionally handed to her. But now she is at the point where if something is not handed to her, she will just take it.

The way Victoria spent months talking down to Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) should have been enough for anyone to want to put her in her place, but Adam actually felt bad for poor, duped Victoria.

She married a man who lied like it was his lifeline and still lies. But it took Victoria learning he was faking cancer to finally face who this man was. She could have thanked her family — including her brother — for their concern and the work they went to in order for Ashland to be exposed, but instead, she shot daggers at him every way she could.

Y&R Spoilers – Victoria Newman Has No Excuses

We realize Victoria has a fragile ego and has made a habit of falling for the wrong men, and even allowed an emotionally and physically abusive man into her home, but we know that happens and there is more to abuse than meets the eye.

We know Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) let Victoria down over and over again, but she is not the first soap woman to be hurt by a man or multiple men. This didn’t turn them into women with ice in their veins who would step all over family members, even if she didn’t like those family members.

Victoria even tried shutting the brother she actually likes out of her life when Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) tried to rescue her from her latest disastrous relationship. Perhaps Victoria needs to be introspective rather than cold and vengeful. For a woman who hasn’t liked the way she has been treated by her father, she sure has no problem acting like The Great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Stay tuned to The Young and the Restless weekdays to see if Victoria ever does something nice again.


  1. Jezz says

    So sick of Victoria! Give some of the other actors/characters a story, this Ashland thing is way past its sell by date. So bored of the same old Newman family meetings saying the same old lines about Victoria’s relationship with Ashland. And the CEO chair is a busy as a washroom cubicle in a busy mall. Not believable and ridiculous, I just wish we could move on to something more interesting. Ans why do all the successful GC businesses women have to come across as so bitchy and self-righteous. It would be refreshing if Sharon could run New Hope and show not all women have to be harsh and spiteful to be successful.

  2. Paula says

    I’m sick and tired of Victor using Adam for his children with niki. It’s always about her kids. Adam is his kid too. He ran behind Hope like a dog in heat. That’s what Niki resents about Adam. How dare Victor have any other kids other than those two spoiled, selfish brats she spawned. I hope Adam get his own business and not be bothered with any of them. Ashland got something for Victoria and I hope he gives it to that skinny brat real good.

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