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We Need Paul Williams On Y&R – 5 Reasons Doug Davidson Is A Young and The Restless Legend

We Need Paul Williams On Y&R - 5 Reasons Doug Davidson Is A Young and The Restless Legend

Many CBS The Young and the Restless fans can agree that when it comes to Doug Davidson, he’s not only one of the longest-tenured actors in the daytime television world, but also one of the most popular ones, too. In fact, many would say that he’s a soap legend, even though he’s still got plenty of years ahead of him. Here are five reasons why.

No One Can Keep The Streets of Genoa City As Safe As Y&R Paul Williams

Paul Williams is perhaps one of the most popular characters on The Young and the Restless because he used to be the ‘ultimate bad boy’ turned good. After dealing with a series of failed relationships over the years, the writers of Y&R have focused more on his career as a private investigator and has been heavily involved in some of the most important and pivotal storylines on the show. Plus, there’s no one that can keep the streets of Genoa City as safe as Paul.

Doug Davidson’s Very Supportive Young and The Restless Fan Base

Let’s face it: no one has such a strong, supportive, and loving fan base as Paul Williams. As a matter of fact, Paul’s fans and social media followers have been very vocal over the years and in recent months about wanting to see him more on the canvas.

In fact, some have even demanded a better and more prominent storyline for Paul Williams because they believe that he deserves much more screen time then what the producers and the writers of The Young and the Restless have been giving him lately. Plus, there’s no denying that the actor is definitely easy on the eyes, right?

Doug Is The Longest Serving Actor On Y&R

Doug Davidson is a legend for many reasons, but mostly because he is the longest-serving actor on The Young and the Restless. While there have been plenty of actors and actresses that have had an opportunity to showcase their talents on the canvas, no one has lasted as long as Doug and there’s a good reason for it. Originally introduced in 1978, Doug has been the only actor who has played Detective Paul Williams on the hit CBS soap. His role has earned him multiple Daytime Emmy Nominations and a win for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2013.

Paul Williams Knows How To Take Charge On Y&R

There’s no way that Y&R Paul Williams will ever let a killer out on the loose – at least not on his watch. Time and time again, Paul has managed to either crack codes, solve mysteries, or fight crime to the best of his ability. Paul’s most recent comeback saw him solving the J.T. murder investigation and putting Rey Rosales in his place for putting love above the law.

When it comes to someone like Paul, he surely doesn’t mess around. He takes charge and lets everyone in the room (or at least at the Genoa City Police Department) know that either you do your job right, or you don’t do it at all. Rey learned this lesson the hard way when Paul stripped his badge away from him.

Let’s Face It – The Young and The Restless Doug Davidson’s Handsome

There’s no denying that when it comes to our favorite daytime television actors, The Young and The Restless Doug Davidson definitely ranks very high when it comes to the most handsome men in the industry. Sure, his on-screen persona Paul Williams hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to finding love in Genoa City, but he’s certainly kept himself busy over the years.

The son of a police detective, Paul dated Nikki Reed until she left him for Greg Foster. He then went on to date April Stevens and after several failed relationships (along with some memorable moments) he fell in love with Christine Blair. Unfortunately, the writers have left us hanging when it comes to Christine and Paul’s relationship. Viewers still want to know if Paul and Christine still have their shot at living ‘Happily Ever After.’

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    Absolutely yes!

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    Y&R got it’s first #1 rating because of Bill Bell’s storyline for Doug Davidson (Murder of George Rawlins) and it never looked back. More challenging, this occurred during fan faves Brenda Dickson (original Jill) and Terry Lester (original Jack) left the show. Y&R owes a debt of gratitude to Doug Davidson and we need more of him!

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