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Young and the Restless Christel Khalil Joins Cast Of New Film

Young and the Restless Christel Khalil Joins Cast Of New Film“The Young and The Restless” star Christel Khalil, who plays Lily Winters Ashby on the show, announced on Instagram that she has been cast on “We Need To Talk.”

She said, “So excited to announce I’m apart of this cast! Can’t wait for you all to see this film, such a funny script by @iamtoddwolfe.”

Wolfe also promoted the upcoming indie film and said, “Super excited to announce that I start pre-production next week on a feature film I wrote and will direct called We Need to Talk. It stars an amazing cast that includes @jamesmaslow @jthanprime @emilybett @christeladnana and @mrtraychaney. Stay tuned.”

Apart from this movie, Wolfe was also the producer on “Streets” and penned as well as directed “Sleeping with the Fishes.”

In “We Need To Talk,” Khalil will take on the role of Aly Fulton. The other cast members are Emily Bet Rickards who will play Amber, James Maslow as Scott Stewart, Tray Chaney as Tango Unchained, Johnathan Fernandez as Joe, and Devin Kennedy as Kyle.

The movie will revolve around Scott, a big shot celebrity video gamer who can interact with millions of people online but is struggling to communicate with his friends and family personally. He’s expected to review a video game he doesn’t like and is also under pressure after his girlfriend tells him “We Need To Talk.

Khalil first appeared in “The Young and The Restless” in 2002. She appeared on Neil Winter’s (Kristoff St. John) doorstep together with her mother Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) Last year, Khalil switched from contract to recurring role with “The Young and The Restless.”

She announced her decision on Instagram and said, “Hello Lovelies! I wanted you to be the first to know that if you see less of me on @youngandrestlesscbs, it’s because I have decided to switch from Y&R full time to recurring status. That means I’m not leaving, just ready (after 16 amazing years playing Lily) to explore new things! I will continue to be a proud member of the Y&R family and look forward to further adventures playing Lily. Thank you for all the love and support over the years! xoxo Christel.”

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  1. Eda Epstein Sidney says

    Lily was good until she became snotty and wanted a pity party—they need to re-cast her and give her something new to do besides cry the blues all the time

  2. Guest says

    No, she became so rude to her husband, she landed in prison and expected him to behave like a saint. She is allowed to keep making mistakes and expect her husband to act like nothing happened, but if he makes a mistake she destroys him.

  3. Guest says

    I do miss Lily!!! I will really miss her and Cane.

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