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Young And The Restless News: Joshua Morrow and Hunter King Share Their Wonderful Relationship On Screen and In Real Life

The father and daughter duo on “The Young and the Restless,” Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) and Hunter King (Summer Newman), has a wonderful relationship on and offset, no doubt. In an interview with, Morrow and King shared some things they like about each other and what it’s like to work with each other.

Y&R Spoilers: Joshua Morrow And Hunter King Have A Wonderful Relationship

Morrow recalls that he was happy when King returned to Y&R after taking a break to film “Life in Pieces.” He shared that Summer was a magical baby for Nick because she came when his alter ego was having a hard time.

He also relates having a daughter in real life, “I love the relationship they have now because Summer can be a difficult young lady. Like I am with my own daughter, who can also be a bit of a handful, I can find both humor and comfort in that. My little girl can do no wrong in Daddy’s eyes and that’s how Nick looks at Summer.”

As King ventures in other projects outside soap, Morrow says he kind of dreads the day that King is going to leave “The Young and the Restless” for good.

Young And The Restless Spoilers: Hunter King Is Happy Morrow Is A Mentor Of Hers

King’s response to that was, “I’m glad he has such high hopes for me.”

They like how each other is bringing fun and King says that when she’s feeling down, Morrow can turn things around for her. “I love his spirit. He’s such an easygoing guy, and he likes to make work fun. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he always knows how to put a smile on people’s faces,” Hunter shared.

“A beautiful person, inside and out. Hunter is lighthearted and funny. She’s got a great sense of humor, even though she’s giving everybody Lyme disease, Ebola and the bird flu,” Morrow said jokingly because Hunter always gets sick and pass it on the set.

Morrow surely has high hopes for King, saying that she’s amazing, and she’s one of the good actors. “I hope she stays forever because she can be the future of this show if it’s something she wants,” he added.

Joshua Morrow has been playing Nick Newman on Y&R since 1994. Hunter King has been portraying as Nick’s daughter, Summer Newman, since 2012.

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Interview: Joshua Morrow & Hunter King Talk On and Offset Relationship

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