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Young And The Restless Poll: Are You Happy Mark Grossman Was Cast As Adam Newman? Vote Now!

Young And The Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman (Mark Grossman)Mark Grossman is the new Adam Newman on ‘The Young and the Restless’. So, what do fans think of this recast?

Hardcore Y&R fans, along with soap opera supporters and many entertainment connoisseurs became very familiar with this particular Y&R character during the past six calendar years. The fourth adult Adam won’t spark the type of response that a certain rehire would have but nevertheless should prove to be intriguing.

Chris Engen became the first actor to portray the SORASed Adam, starting in 2008. His approximate one-year run was followed by Michael Muhney’s celebrated reign from 2009 to the start of 2014.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Muhney Instantly Regretted Leaving

Actually, Muhney was advised by Y&R that his contract was not being extended in December 2013. Former executive producer Jill Farren Phelps made a very buzzworthy decision to let Muhney go. The actor later said that his assertive demeanor, which existed due to self-imposed job pressure, forced Y&R’s hand and that he instantly regretted leaving the cast. He was also complimentary of Phelps, which was noteworthy.

Unsubstantiated information regarding the reason for Muhney’s stunning departure was later debunked when Y&R had the actor appear for a casting call in the summer of 2014. Muhney was not rehired, but the job interview proved (rather than enabled speculation) that he was eligible for rehire and thus had done nothing that went beyond any legal bounds.

Justin Hartley proved to be a solid hire. The affable actor delivered a stellar performance through 2016, when he left Y&R to join the sudden hit nighttime show, This Is Us.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Response To Casting Will Be Diverse

Engen was a good actor who had a short stint and has been gone for more than a decade. Hartley recently wished whoever gets the recast well, thereby letting everyone know that he’s not returning for a brief, or recurring reprisal. Muhney still holds sway with a contingent of fans that surely aren’t happy now.

Expected responses to Grossman’s debut will surely be diverse. Some will give him a chance, as they would any other new cast member, or recast of an old character. Others might feel differently, including not wanting the character to be resurrected by anyone.

Fans of ‘The Young and the Restless’ rightfully express their opinions on a regular basis. So, what do you think of this recast? Please vote in our poll below!

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  1. Guest says

    I sure wanted mchuney to come back

  2. Guest says

    I have been waiting what seems to be forever for Michael M(Adam) to return and bring Chelsey with him too!!!! They have always been my favorite “love” couple!!! I have NEVER been so disappointed with him leaving!! NO ONE can replace Adam except for him!!! Please bring him back!!!!! Your ratings will go up for sure!!! Thank you!

  3. Guest says

    I really don’t care anymore

  4. Guest says

    Wanted Michael back very much.

  5. Guest says

    No. He is too young. 32. Chelsea is 37. And Sharon is 16 years older than him. Can’t the writers be consistent for once

  6. Guest says

    Never heard of him so have no opinion…

  7. Guest says

    Terrible terrible decision. Give the new guy a different character to play. Michael Muhney IS Adam Newman. He also has garnered a huge fan base. Hire Michael Muhney back to play Adam Newman. As long as you stick with this new guy I will never watch the show again.

    1. Guest says

      I am so sick about the decision not to hire Michael muhney back.  been waiting for years for his rehire!!

    2. dinah says

      I wanted Michael muhney…so disappointed.

    3. Guest says

      How ridiculous that you would stop watching a show over a recast you don’t like. Bye.

    4. Guest says

      Why did they bother…mark grossman looks like a baby brother to Vicky and nick..such a bad mistake to use mark.  no words really, young and restless no longer cares what longtime fans think or want

    5. Guest says

      Happens all the time….fans aren’t stupid and Mark looks 10 to 15 years younger!!  Stupid move…not ridiculous, smart writers and powers that be would actually care!!!

  8. Guest says

    Y&R has made a major mistake! The fans mean nothing to them! It would have been a slam dunk bringing back Michael Muhney!

  9. praying lady says

    I hope that when the cabin blow up that would be the last that we saw of Adam but no with it been a soap were the dead can come back life

  10. Guest says

    Michael Muhney will always be the best Adam Neuman. It’s unfortunate that he will never be back. .

  11. Guest says

    I don’t like this one. Want the old one back Justin. He was good.

    1. Sunni928 says

      @tootsie – Justin Hartley has gone on to primetime, he won’t take a pay cut to come back to daytime.

  12. Guest says

    I’m telling you again if you bring back Adam Newman it has to be Michael Muhney because there are tons of fans out there that wants him back and tons of fans that will leave if it isn’t Michael Muhney! DO THE RIGHT THING!

    1. Guest says

      They will NEVER bring Michael Muhney back GET OVER IT! He was fired for sexual misconduct AND Eric Braeden did not get along with him and Eric is king on Y&R.

  13. GreenHanger says

    The Y&R do not seem to care about the people who make this show a success by viewing each and every day. We have two choices, watch or NOT watch. The answer is so simple, bring MM back!

    1. Guest says

      You sound like a child.

  14. Guest says

    Should of hired the old Adam- Michael M
    He should of had a second chance to play that role. He was great at playing Adam the new guy is too young and does not fit the part. Now he is the same age as Noah and he was married to Sharon who is 48 now and he is 32 It’s jusy silly. Big mistake

  15. Guest says

    I love it, I think we should give Grossman a try. While I do agree with some things I read, missing the Old Adam, but he is loved and doing much better on the sitcom,(TIU). I will continue to watch the Y& R no matter what.

    1. Sunni928 says

      @Crybaby – Justin Hartley went on to “This is Us” , a drama, NOT a sitcom in any way.

  16. Guest says

    Give him a chance people. He’s not hard on the eyes, and he may be a good actor. Only time will tell…..

  17. Guest says

    I am so bitterly disappointed after years of waiting for Michael Muhney to return as Adam Newman, they give us a new person and I don’t think he even looks like victor newman, jr!!  ugh

  18. Guest says

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, HELL NO!!! He’s TOO YOUNG!!

  19. Guest says

    Characters on soaps are replaced all the time. Let’s see what this actor can do in the role. And to those whining and complaining about Michael Muhney not being offered the role again…he was FIRED for sexual misconduct! As women do you not have any self respect? Would you want someone you work with harassing you sexually?

  20. Guest says

    No! I’m not happy! But who really cares how we feel. No one listens !!

  21. Guest says

    After watching him now for a few weeks he is actually irritatingly good. Definitely playing the part for everyone to hate. He looks more like Victor than anyone previous has. Although I loved the last 2 Adams..this guy may actually become everyone’s favorite. Just give him a chance.

  22. Guest says

    Not happy with this new Adam. Im sure he would have been fine in another role but I dont feel he has the personality that the others potrayed. Im really disappointed with the writers of Y&R. His story line is even stupid. Hopefully the story line will get better. If not, I may stop watching.

  23. Guest says

    Been watching y&r since the beginning and for the most part still enjoyed watching the show until recently. Lately the writing has been lackluster and new Adam Newman recast is abysmal. Muhney is a rare talent and sure, may have been difficult to work with but am I the only one who recalls Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman actually got into fisticuffs when Peter first came on the show? I’m a fan of Braeden’s to be sure but talk about Alpha Male syndrome. The fight was forgivable, Muhney’s arrogance I guess was not.

  24. Guest says

    The only way I’ll start watching the show again is if they bring back Michael Muhney AND Billy Miller.

  25. Guest says

    Y and R WAS a must see. Adam, I can not stand his scenes. His voice, his look show no resemblence to the character we knew. Y and R is now only a fast forwarded show for me. I have watched for many years, the new group of characters and actors and story line are of no interest to me.

  26. Guest says

    You all do know that MIchael M and
    Victoria Rowell are two soap actors that have an extremely slim chance of ever returning to Y&R or CBS for that matter. It’s not happening so get over it. I loved Justin Hartley as Adam but instead of whining about something that’s not going happen I watch him on his new show. It’s a freaking soap opera – people come and go all the time. It’s ridiculous to keep harping on something that’s not going to happen. Move on or don’t watch. Smh

  27. Guest says

    Cannot stand the new adam, mark gross….get rid of him

  28. Guest says

    I love the new Adam…in fact better than the old Adam. He really looks acts like and acts like the son of Victor. He is also devilishly attractive and has shown great acting chops. His scenes with Victor,Nick & Sharon were powerpacked! So were the ones with Phyllis,Chelsea, Micheal , Victoria!! Please give him a chance…let not our love for new old favorites prevent us from giving this NuADam a chance. My humble opinion

  29. Guest says

    I’m tired of it to story lines are tired of the same p people

  30. Guest says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the New Adam. Fabulous!

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