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Young And The Restless Spoilers: Jordan’s Brain Tumor, Condition Explains Evil Ways – Could She End Up Staying In GC, Permanently

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers indicate that just when fans thought Jordan (Colleen Zenk) was as good as gone, the villainess has found a way to do the impossible once again, and escape police custody.

What seemingly started as a small stint to introduce Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) into the Newman family, Jordan has become a very popular character on the soap; sort of a villainess fans love to hate.

Do to her horrible ways, it doesn’t seem as if she’ll become a permanent fixture on the show; however, a possible slight change in her storyline could change all that.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers –  The Cat & Mouse Game

Y&R spoilers suggest that Jordan’s ability to escape sticky situations has become interesting, but with this last hospital one, they’ve now become outlandish and predictable.

Young And The Restless Spoilers: Jordan’s Brain Tumor, Condition Explains Evil Ways – Could She End Up Staying In GC, Permanently

If the soap wants to keep Jordan around until May Sweeps or longer, another plot twist will have to unravel that will allow the villainess to stay in GC without playing this “cat-and-mouse” game with the police and Newmans.

Maybe she pleads insanity, which wouldn’t be at all far-fetched, and she goes to the facility where she’s able to “fool” doctors into releasing her after therapy; maybe she fakes her own death, only to stay in hiding and stalk the Newmans in a creepy/ghost fashion, as a new form of revenge.

Y&R Spoilers – Maybe Jordan Has A Brain Tumor?

Then again, what if Jordan has a brain tumor (or another health condition), which causes her to be the way she is? This storyline has been done a few times in daytime drama and even in Genoa City.

As fans seem to love Colleen Zenk, this explanation would allow her to stay on the show, and it wouldn’t be that far-fetched that both Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) and Claire would want to help their aunt as a way to break the generational curse of toxicity in their family.

Do you love to hate Jordan? Do you wish Colleen Zenk could become a permanent fixture on the show? Share your thoughts!

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  2. Kathy says

    While I enjoyed Colleen Zenk on ATWT, her character on Y and R is incredibly cartoonish. She seems to be acting with her face. I have seen this in many other soap actors, and it is disappointing to see this in her. The storyline is ridiculous as well, she has escaped how many hospitals, imprisonment, etc.? Not in the least believable. Sheila Carter did it WAY better, and I wasn’t crazy about her either!! (And she did the unbelievable Houdini on death, imprisonment, etc!) Sorry Colleen, you should have stayed retired….

    1. Norma XC. says

      I totally agree. It’s a boring & stupid storyline. Now they want to redeem her with a brain tumor? REALLY!!!!
      The other storyline that is really stupid is all the Ashley’s. DID always starts in children under 8 yrs old. Never in adults so that one is dumb also. Do they not research these things before using them?

    2. Susan Ifland says


  3. Dianne says

    Please move on this is getting old

  4. Jane says

    I did not like Collen Zenk on ATWT and I do not like her on Y and R so I would like to see her gone for good!!!!

  5. ????? says

    OMG Here you all go again how much longer are you going to drag out this dam story line with Jordan so so sick of it

  6. Susan Cannon says

    I loved Colleen on ATWT. It’s great to have her back acting again.

  7. Audrey says

    Storyline is farfetched. Where is Jordan getting money from. Clothes, disguises, transport everywhere. Is Cole helping her.. is he trying to get revenge for his mother.

  8. CC says

    I Absolutely hate this storyline with Jordan, I fact all the storyline right now are SO BAD, especially with Ashley/ Tucker/ Audra, enough already, it’s so redundant and boring it’s a total snooze fest, I find myself ff through most of the show now, and have been a fan since the 80’s really sad to see the evolution of this show, poor Connor, but really is this show trying to be educational or entertaining it seems most of the story lines lately all have a learning theme..Seriously, is that what’s happening here on a SOAP, Seriously not the place for giving life altering advice…get help from the Professional’s….on Suicide prevention, OCD, wrongful Termination, relationship issues,
    Not from a SLOPPY SOAP

  9. Lowell J says

    I’m done with Jordan. This kind of story line is too far fetched and becoming ridiculous. Please end this story line.

  10. Cheryl Rasmussen says

    Get rid of that crafty sow

  11. Linda says

    The character was novel the first episode she was on. After that it became ridiculous. The actress over acts and is overly animated. The character is a cartoon villain. I keep expecting to see speech bubbles over her head with BOFF! THWACK! KAPOW!

  12. Tina Smith says

    This story line is a dud. Please NO with the brain tumor. Ashley is already heading in that direction. Did it w JT. No more please! Oh and Heather; this was her plan all along. Not a big fan of Lily but don’t let her lose this fight.

  13. Susan Ifland says

    Witch begone! Storie lines are getting ridiculous! Need new writers!!

  14. Jeanette says

    Been sick of Jordon for awhile. You get her she is gone. She dresses up and then it goes again. This is pre school stuff. Very boring. Have her die already. Let her neice fall in love.
    Nikki get sober and starts some new stuff. So old already.

  15. Denise says

    Get rid of Jordan, do not like her. Quit dragging your story lines out. Already quit watching Bold and Beautiful because of same people doing the same stuff over and over. I’m sick of the Ashley and Tucker crap too.

  16. Fairie says

    Please do not keep Jordon, she needs to get her punishment by life in prison. Can’t stand even looking at her.

    1. Louise says

      More stupid everyday. I am not going to keep watching as of last Friday episode
      I have decided Hallmark stories are more in line with real people.

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  18. Tom says

    Colleen overacted with her eyes, making faces, hair flipping etc. Was surprised ATWT never canned her. She’s never been the best. She’s aged well but her acting is below mediocre and this character is a cheap replica of Sheila Carter who i absolutely loved on Y&R

  19. Talbot H says

    Love Colleen (sad haters here) but I don’t think Jordan needs to be a long term character. Let her stir things up and then move on…..

    It’s Bill Bell-esque to drag it out as long as possible…..but once she goes she should stay gone!

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