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Young and The Restless Spoilers: Lauren Wants Out As Ashley Takes Jabot

Young and The Restless Spoilers: Lauren Wants Out As Ashley Takes JabotOn “The Young and The Restless,” Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) feels that Jabot is heading for a disaster. She tries to find a way to get Fenmore out of its contract with Jabot. She is concerned that her company might be cut loose with Ashley at the helm.

Tracey asks Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) for some legal advice. She also asks Phyllis about it and the latter immediately answers that she’ll fight back. However, Lauren is worried that it might not be up to Phyllis anymore and the final decision would be Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson).

The drama within the company is getting worse as they discover that Ashley Abbot was working with Kerry Johnson (Alice Hunter). Both women schemed to take over Jabot to save it, not to destroy it. However, Phyllis won’t go down without a fight. She will try to defend her position as CEO.

Ashley’s return and her scheme to take over Jabot has greatly affected Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Jack was shocked when it was revealed that Ashley was working with the love of his life, Kerry, whose real name is Dominique Carroll. He confronts her about their relationship and asked if any of it was real.

Kerry quickly replied that her work and relationship with him were two different things. She even invited him to go with her in Paris. Jack wanted to call the police but Kerry warned her against it and wished him luck on his battle against Ashley.

When Ashley asked for an emergency board meeting, Jack, Billy, Phyllis, and Lauren weren’t happy. During the meeting, she announced her plans to save the company by taking over as its CEO. Well before that, Lauren dared to ask if she owns Premiere Cosmetics, the company that stole her patents, to which Ashley confirms that it is her company.

Everybody in the room wants to know what will happen to Jabot. Ashley says all the products developed by Dominique will belong to her and her company Premiere Cosmetics. She added that if they decide to sell to her, she will give them the products that they have planned to launch. Lastly, she warns them that her offer is only good until the following day. Phyllis wants to file charges against Ashley for fraud but The Abbotts shut her down. Instead, they vote her out as CEO and Jack presents himself as the new leader.

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