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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Newman Has A Strong Ally – Chelsea’s Money Opens Up New Doors

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Newman Has A Strong Ally - Chelsea's Money Opens Up New DoorsThe Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Chelsea Lawson Boudreau’s (Melissa Claire Egan) unexpected inheritance gives her full financial independence. Daryl Tulane’s (Gordon Thompson) unexpected arrival in Genoa City, Wisconsin, was necessary.

The late Calvin Boudreau’s (John Burke) attorney advised the widow Boudreau that she would inherit five million dollars. That shocked her along with the additional information regarding a trust fund being established for Connor Newman (as last played by Gunner and Ryder Gadbois).

When last the viewers saw him, Calvin revealed something that she never saw coming. He not only wanted Connor to have a relationship with his father, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), Burke’s character also believed that the boy should live with him.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Calvin Left Chelsea A Parting Gift

Calvin felt allowing Connor to be with his father on a full-time basis would allow him to start a family with Chelsea. He thought that change would give them a fresh start.

Chelsea strongly disagreed. She couldn’t believe what he was saying, especially since she’d decided that Connor shouldn’t have contact with Adam. Chelsea recognized that Adam was not the man he was when she thought his life ended in the cabin blast in September 2016.

Viewers didn’t see what happened next. Instead, Y&R showed the aftermath. Chelsea on the phone with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), asking him to immediately come to the Boudreau’s suite at the GC Athletic Club. He did and witnessed Calvin, dead, being taken out on a stretcher by the paramedics, which included Dr. Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy).

Adam’s peer in the doorway, with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) by his side, reinforced Chelsea’s feelings about Connor’s biological father. This was yet another incident when Chelsea’s full-throated support for Nick to remain Connor’s legal father deepened.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Chelsea’s Money Will Come In Handy Fighting Adam

The money she’s inherited establishes an ability to fight Adam on a different level, but also creates a dilemma. The large inheritance amount could make her vulnerable to attack, be it by Adam or someone else.

Viewers realize that the Calvin character was introduced in order to facilitate Chelsea’s back story while she was away and to fuel her current arc. Her turn to Nick has now been followed by their growing closeness.

Morrow’s character wants to remain part of Chelsea’s life. He’s forgiven her rush out of town and his life due, in large part, because of a recognition of his own past failings. Most importantly, he still loves her.

Chelsea’s on board and so it seems as though Chick will be reborn. Adam is raging because of Chelsea’s rejection, her keep-away of Connor, her support for Nick in the Christian Newman (Jamie and Alister Tobias) custody battle, and because she’s back with his detested brother. All of the above makes Adam a threat to Chelsea and Nick’s happiness.

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  1. Guest says

    Yes all that Adam wants is to be a part of his children’s lives. Besides nick has anger issues & no judge should give custody to someone like nick

  2. Guest says

    No Adam doesn’t have a chance, the only reason Nick has issues is because of Adam’s playing dirty. No judge should give custody to Adam because of the things he has done, he doesn’t care who he hurts or how he does it to get what he wants. Now is that the kind of person who should have custody of a child.

  3. Guest says

    Adam has his ways and yes he will come back stronger and blast Nick & Chelsea
    He always had issues with Adam since he came back it seems.
    I’m glad Christian knows who his real dad is and it certainly isn’t Nick and he hugged
    his dad Adam it was priceless, now just have to wait for his other son Connor.

  4. Guest says

    so does Nick the Prick he plays dirty too and he doesn’t deserve custody either!
    I hope Adam keeps fighting for two of his son’s Connor & Christian
    even you can’t take that away from their real dad!

  5. Guest says

    I don’t agree with you and you always have something bad to say about Adam since he
    came back and no one is perfect and he is trying to do the right thing is to get
    custody of his two boys Connor & Christian and you can’t take that away from him
    Nick the prick and Chelsea will lose and they think they’ve won but nope I can’t
    wait till it comes back and bites their a$$

  6. Guest says

    I hope Nick and Chelsea win both boys. The kind of person Adam portrays is one of abuse, insult, and instigator. All he has done in the past to Victor, Nick, Victoria, and even to Chelsea shows anyone what kind of person he is. All the lies he tells, all the secrets, all the supposed deaths……any psycho like Sharon would be on his side. Of course, Sharon would understand him, she also lies, steals,cheats, and is famous for jumping into any available male. Those two may cause a lot of drama, but I am sick of Adam, coming and going…..

  7. Rebecca Willard says

    No Adam Does Not Have A Chance, The Only Reason Nick Has Issues Is Because Of Adam’s Playing Dirty. No Judge Should Give Custody To Adam Because Of The Things He Has Done, He Does Not Care Who He Hurts Or How He Does It To Get What He Wants. Now Is That The Kind Of Person Who Should Have Custody Of A Child.

  8. Guest says

    hope Adam win’s and hope Chelsea & Nick loses!

  9. Guest says

    Adam has a right to both his sons . And I hope Chelsea has to give that money back to some other relative of her dead husband . She don’t deserve it . Nick and Chelsea are con artist and hot heads . They deserve each other . And Adam deserves his sons back .

  10. Guest says

    And yeah nick gave his inheritance away . But I bet he will help Chelsea spends hers . Nick is not the noble person people thinks he is .

  11. Guest says

    No Adam doesn’t have a chance against Nick .Adam needs to grow up.No judge would give Adam ful custody of Christain because 1st of all Adam was supposed to b dead.Only in soapland does a judge give visiting rights to a supposedly dead father.I hope Adam goes down in flames Adam needs to grow up and act his age not his shoe size .Christian needs to b with Nick and only Nick .Sharon needs to not to jump from bed to bed she needs to ow down and take a long break from going to bed with whoever she meets

  12. Guest says

    If Adam truly wanted these boys, why did he stay away so long?

  13. Guest says


  14. Guest says

    Nick has issues because of his own actions; he’s no angel either. Cheated on Sharon shortly before their wedding then shacked up with Phyllis a very short time later, then after they were over and done he dallied with Rebecca, then if that wasn’t enough he took that woman back to his place from the bar. Not to mention how he did a dirty to Victor to get the properties he started Dark Horse with…especially imitating JT after the man had injured and tried to kill his father. Just because Nick is trying to do the right thing now doesn’t mean Adam shouldn’t have a place and a say in the lives of his children. Regardless of any schemes and what not, he has always been a great father, loving caring and protective. He does carry a lot of deep-seated hurt which has been engineered from dear dad initially and as Victor doesn’t know when to keep his nose out of the business of others…looks like he just doesn’t know when to stop putting a nail in his son’s heart.

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