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Young And The Restless Spoilers: Now That Steve Kent Is Out At Sony, Is Josh Griffith’s Future Up In The Air?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) buzz is that fans are a tad concerned about the future of the show’s head writer and executive producer, Josh Griffith.

According to Soap Opera Digest (SOD), Steve Kent is no longer with Sony Pictures, as TV Senior EVP of Programming, which means he no longer oversees the Y&R, as well as Days of Our Lives (DOOL). Will this have a domino effect on Josh Griffith?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Steve Kent & Josh Griffith Were Friends

According to reports, Kent and Griffith had become good pals over the years. With Kent no longer in a power position over Josh, Griffith might not have anyone in his corner moving forward.

While the soap recently got renewed for another four seasons by the CBS network, this doesn’t mean the writing and storylines have been perfect. Sadly, there have been plenty of viewers who have called for Josh to be replaced for a while now.

Young And The Restless Spoilers: Now That Steve Kent Is Out At Sony, Is Josh Griffith’s Future Up In The Air?

Could this new chapter for Steve Kent trigger a new chapter for the Y&R where their head writer is replaced or even a new writer is brought in to stir things up?

Y&R Spoilers – The Highs & Lows Under Josh Griffith’s Reign

There have been some incredible storylines and romances under Josh Griffith, but some low points, too.

While Phyllis Summers’s (Michelle Stafford) fake death arc during last year’s gala started strong, it fizzled as time wore on. Much like Phyllis, Jordan’s (Colleen Zenk) lake house debacle had fans on the edge of their seats last November;

However, how she continues to slip through authorities’ fingers seems stale and stagnate (even though most fans can agree that it’s been a dramatic delight to see Colleen Zenk still going strong on the show).

Then there’s also how Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) has been sidelined, which fans on social media have not remained quiet about.

Regardless, every show, daytime or primetime, experiences ups and downs, so, it’s hard not to speculate that Steve Kent’s move from Sony could affect Josh Griffith.

How do you feel about Y&R’s storylines as of late? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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  1. Judy Eskew Judy says

    Need some good storylines for actors and actresses. They have put their heart and soul into where they have got today. Their is enough actors to really make this show pop. It is the best show of the soaps. You have great fans and they watch everyday to see what happens. They are loyal to this show. But some storylines are lasting to long and does not really do alot for the show. We have our favorites that have been on for years. We are dedicated to them, when they are down and out we feel it to. What puzzles me is they are here waiting for a while before we see them. Then here comes new ones in and they get a good storyline that goes on and on. And some leave. Not good for the fans. I agree some need to leave but we the fans are still here waiting for a new storyline and see our favorite actors. I have to say everyone on the show now has done a great job we are waiting for the storylines to keep on coming. Writer”s done a good job just need some help. Oh yea Nick and Sharon are my favorite. Time for them to get together, and Nick quit beating around the bush.

  2. Norma C. says

    Well I have complaining about the storylines lately. I don’t care for Phyllis but she is sitting on the back burner not doing much and that’s not Phyllis. The Ashley storyline is stupid also and not even realistic. This DID comes out by the time a child is 8 or so….not 58. The Jordan storyline is getting long and wore out also. I hope it wraps up this week. We haven’t even had time to get to know the new Harrison. I sure miss the other’s one’s curls.

    1. Ella J Freeman says

      Missing the first Harrison also. Phyllis is one to dislike and love at the same time. When she is not active, she is missed. Phyllis and Nick do not ever need to be together again. Writers appear to have an issue with Nick and Sharon getting back together. Nick and Sharon can be the next Victor and Nikki being together for ever. Chelsea is a big disappointment; she did wrong left town return and what she did was not spoken of again. Billy and Chelsea are so boring. Billy is so much better with Victoria. Sally is not likeable at all and is being forced on the fans. She is just there and there, no reason for her to be around. Connor need to have his parents find their way back together. Could be the treatment he needs to get back to where he was. He is not getting better, quite the opposite. Because of Sally there is no Chole, and she has been around for years.
      Bring Chole back, she and Chelsea were good working together. Forget Sally and send her away.

  3. Anonymous says

    First things first they need to break up Adam and Sally and get Sally a new love interest in the form of Scott Grainger played by a recast actor and that’s Pierson Fode who played Sally’s ex Thomas Forrester on B&B I like someone’s idea for that pairing and the name Scally definitely sounds catchy but reaffirming now Courtney Hope I’m sure would love to work with Pierson Fode again because that kind of chemistry they have never dies and as for Josh Griffith his days are numbered big time they need to bring back the original writing team for both B&B and Y&R like Kay Alden Sally Sussman and Maria Arena Bell.

  4. Vanessa M Schweertman says

    I watched Y&R all the time and have for over 40 years
    .And I’m on Y&R websites .Some viewers I complain about everything.
    Y&R could be written be Taylor Sheridan or Dick Wolfe and they’d still complain.They complain about clothes sets how the actor and actress eat on the show or facial expressions
    And if they really payed attention they’d see Y&R has addressed some of these complaints
    How many years has Josh Griffith been with Y&R ,they got best writing at the last emmy’s,Do I like every storyline no,but that’s ok because I don’t to complain
    I t

  5. Elaine Pratt says

    They need new writers that’s for sure

  6. Sue Robert says

    They need to get rid of Josh Griffin, he is the worst writer ever. Story shouldn’t last this long ridiculous. He is killing our beloved soap.

  7. Elaine says

    It’s time to end the Jordan saga. Enough is enough. Also, put Ashley in a place for help. That’s enough as well.

    It also time for Shelia to say goodby.

  8. John says

    When I hear Josh is gone I will start watching again. It’s going on five years that I jumped ship. And I had been watching from the beginning when the Brooks and Fosters ruled.

  9. Kevin Cartwright says

    PRAYERFULLY this move and change at SONY will usher in the RETURN of DOUG DAVIDSON in his beloved and ICONIC role as Chief PAUL WILLIAMS on The Y&R!!!…

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