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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Trevor St. John OUT as Tucker McCall – Recast Coming?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Trevor St. John OUT as Tucker McCall – Recast Coming?Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers note that Trevor St. John won’t be seen in the land of Genoa City for that much longer.

The actor hopped on social media to announce that he’s officially out as Tucker McCall. Still, from his posts, it seems there’s a good chance that the character may be recast.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Trevor St. John’s Shocking Tweet

On Tuesday, June 19, St. John posted three tweets on X/Twitter, explaining his exit as Tucker. In the first one he writes, “#YoungandRestless fans: As you well know, Tuckers come and Tuckers go, and so the cycle continues … this Tucker is in his go phase …”

He added #YR and tagged Young and the Restless X handles to the initial post, as well as the second, where he states, “#YoungandRestless I thank each and every member of the wonderful cast, the crew, the directos, the producers and production staff, and CBS/Sony for the great experience from day one to the last. I feel so fortunate to have played such a terrific role.”

The last tweet notes, “Most importantly, I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to you the #YR @YandR_CBS @YRInsider #YR #YoungandRestless fans. THANK YOU! (heart emoji) (thank you emoji.”

St. John is clearly out, but what about Tucker? Will he exit, too, or is a recast coming?

Y&R Spoilers: Trevor St. John As Tucker McCall

St. John entered the role of Tucker in 2022 and instantly won fans over with his charming and funny portrayal of McCall.

Genoa City wasn’t Trevor’s first stint in daytime drama, as he spent from 2003 to 2013 on One Life to Life playing Todd Manning. In fact, he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, along with Kassie DePaiva, in 2005, under the Irresistible Combination category.

Over the years, St. John has also appeared in a number of prime-time shows including, The Client List and The Vampire Diaries, among others.

St. John also reminded fans in a fourth tweet about his current movie, A Good Enough Day that currently can be found on Tubi.

Will you miss Trevor St. John as Tucker McCall? Join the discussion below! Tune into the popular CBS soap daily and check CTS regularly for the best Young and the Restless spoilers and news.

  1. Rhonda says

    I am thoroughly disappointed that Trevor St. John is OUT. How could this be happening? He has been an amazing character and loved by so many of us.
    I think that Zulenka Silva should be given the boot. She’s a hateful character

    1. Lenora Brown says

      I have always loved Trevor. He is my favorite Tucker. I totally agree with you.

  2. Ban says

    Too bad, he will be missed. A good actor that added a bit of comedy to the show.

  3. Karen Boisvert says

    I love Trevor St. John as Tucker!! Don’t let him go!

  4. Christina says

    Absolutely crushed! He is by far one of my favorites!!!

  5. Peggy Decker says

    I didn’t like him at first but now I really like him. And now he leaving. They should take Victor off. I’m getting where I can’t stand Victor Newman

  6. Diane says

    What a huge mistake! Tucker as the best thing to happen to this soap for years. I’ve watched this since the day you started and trust me, I know. You are making a huge mistake. You ned new management. How can you not see this?!

    Trevor St. John you are a fantastic addition to this show. Chin up, I will follow you because you are going to be a huge success no matter where you land.

  7. Jan says

    Tucker is a great character. Please don’t let him go! I have watched this show since the beginning, faithfully. I love the drama this Tucker brings to the show.

  8. Susan Ifland says

    Big mistake if this is because of writers! There are several others who should go, Chance, Audra, Nate, do not like them at all! Writers, if you are wanting to lose fans you are doing a good job at it!!!

  9. Dorothy Smith says

    I really enjoy him as Tucker. I hate that he is leaving. I think it’s a big mistake.

  10. Sharon B Morris says

    Business Tucker can be ruthless but I loved some of the lines Tucker had. He did add some humor to his role

  11. Joan Parker says

    Big mistake to get rid of Trevor St. John, he is the best part of the show!! He brought some much needed humor to a show that has gotten very stale & stagnant. If I have to watch one more storyline with Victor being his selfish, know it all self, I may be done with the show!!

  12. Lucia says

    What are they thinking. Best actor on this show and believe me they needed him. Superb acting. I only watch to see him. Hope it was his choice and not some one else. Maybe the cast didn’t want to be outperformed by this amazing actor. By the way get off all these psycho story lines. How depressing can u get and who really cares about Ashley 10 personalities

  13. Sue Bowmer says

    Why when we get a good actor we love watching his part on the soap, does he have to move on. He is a breath of fresh air, and I hate to see him leave. I was just as ticked when the man that played Paul Williams wasn’t even called back for the 50th celebration. Think you need to possibly listen more to how the fans feel.

  14. AMJ says

    I love Tucker / Trevor. There is so so so many people they could write out and not cause so much as a ripple in the waters of useless charecters.
    And look who they chose. ‍♂️!!!

  15. Paula says

    So many other’s to get rid of why him bad move

  16. Joel says

    Why is Trevor St. John leaving he is one of the best on the show! These writers need to leave stories r dragged out and boring not like years ago!

  17. Jodi says

    Very sad to hear this! Love this character. Very upset!

  18. Janette says

    I am tired of Victor ruling Y&R. Enough with his feud with Jack. Enough with the revenge. He should appreciate that Nikkie is back and sober. Also his firing and subsequent requirement that Michael and Cole submit to his ego and do dirty work for him is old school. The show should look for more modern storylines.

    What I am very pleased with is that we are seeing other sets. Paris, victor’s basement jail, Martin’s appt. It makes the show most interesting.

    Loves the multiple personalities with Ashley. Pleased that Summer’s personality has softened. Dislike that Victor is pushing Adam back to his dark side.

    I do not like what your are doing with Devon in terms of painting him as a selfish, not so smart, anymore, businessman. Another irritant is that you pit brother against sister when they have always had a loving relationship. Billy’s way of showing his love for Jill should take another direction.

  19. Louise says

    Stayed with this show because of Trevor. Will be leaving also

  20. SM says

    So i don’t wstch sosps anymore, because I live abroad. I have been home the past year, because of family and started watching Y&R with my mom. Tucker/Trevor is hands down the reason I watch the show. The rest is a complete bore. Sorry to see him go, but on the other hand, I won’t be missing anything when I leave.

  21. Shelby says

    No one has ever played Tucker as intriguing as Trevor St. John. Whose bonehead idea was it to let him go? Once he’s gone I’m done with Y&R.
    There are so many other characters that could be recast for the better. Bad move!!!

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