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Young and the Restless Spoilers Tuesday, Dec 10 : Connor Makes Up A Lie About Sharon, Victoria Has Concerns About Billy, and Nick and Chelsea’s Date Disaster

Young and the Restless star, Melissa Claire EganThe Young and the Restless (Y&R)  spoilers for Tuesday, December 10 indicate that Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) will make up a lie about Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) grows more concerned about Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Chelsea Lawson’s (Melissa Claire Egan) date doesn’t go as planned.

At Society, Victoria and Billy are discussing the job search. She again offers to help with the search, but Billy says he can do it on his own and it will have to be fun. Victoria then tells Billy she’s planned a surprise. The family’s going to Telluride for Christmas and Victoria is trying to get Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu) to meet them there. Billy doesn’t seem enthused with the plans, he suggests they stay home for Christmas and leave on the 27th for the trip. Victoria says they can’t because she has to work. Both of them have solemn expressions and Victoria says they’ll discuss it later.

Later Billy is at the dive bar saying it’s great not having to be perfect or answer to anyone. He says he doesn’t need a drink, just some peace. He texts Victoria to say he’s sorry about earlier, and that he changed his mind about Telluride. Billy then joins in on a poker game.

When Billy arrives home, he lies to Victoria that he was at the gym working out. She offers to join him in the shower, and he takes her up on the offer.

Y&R Spoilers –Connor’s Big Lie

At Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) penthouse, Adam and Chelsea is playing a game with Connor when Sharon arrives. As Adam and Chelsea welcome Sharon, Connor is looking at Sharon with annoyance. Sharon suggests prior to starting the session that she and Connor play a game. Connor wants his parents to stay, but Chelsea is meeting Nick.

Chelsea leaves and Adam goes upstairs to give Sharon and Connor some privacy. Connor tells Sharon he doesn’t need her anymore and asks why she came. Sharon is perplexed by Connor’s attitude and asks if he’s having a bad day. Connor responds he was having a good day until she arrived. Sharon tries to play a card game with Connor, but he swipes the cards onto the floor. Adam comes back down as Sharon decides to leave. Once Sharon’s gone, Connor says that Sharon was mean, that she threatened to send him away, and she claimed the monster was coming back.

Later at Crimson Lights, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) stops by to see Sharon. He notices she’s rattled and thinks it’s because of Adam. She says it’s not because of Adam, but she’s worried about Connor and how he doesn’t trust her. Rey says she needs to trust her instincts when it comes to the boy. Adam comes in and expresses Rey’s sentiments. Adam tells Sharon his fear about Connor going down a dark road.

He then brings up what Connor told him about Sharon, and he knew Connor was lying from the start. Sharon says that Adam and Chelsea need to put their foot down, and warn Connor there’s to be no lying or manipulation. When Adam leaves, Rey says Sharon’s instinct was right, but she wishes it wasn’t. Sharon doubts her work as a therapist and worries about Connor. Rey says that given Adam and Chelsea’s history, Sharon is Connor’s best hope if he wants to get better.

When Chelsea arrives at the penthouse, Adam tells her what happened this afternoon. She wonders if moving in was a mistake, then says Connor will continue to act out to get her to stay. They agree that Connor’s made progress when they’ve been together. But they agree that Connor can’t continue with this manipulation.

Young And Restless Spoilers– Nikki & Victor Newman Distrust Chelsea Newman

Nick drops Christian Newman (Alex Wilson) off at the ranch so he can spend time with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). When Nick says he’s got a date with Chelsea, Victor asks what are Nick’s career plans now that Chelsea’s ruined his political dreams.

Nick is uncomfortable with Victor’s comment. Victor then reminds Nick that he sacrificed his campaign for Chelsea and Connor, and now they’re with Adam. Victor exits the room, and Nikki expresses her concern for Nick too. Nick says it was difficult ending the campaign. Nikki then wonders if Chelsea knows how much she hurt Nick and how this has led to everyone having trouble trusting her. Nick agree things are bad, but he knows where he stands with Chelsea.

After Nick leaves, Nikki and Victor discuss Chelsea. They agree Chelsea isn’t the right woman for Nick. The topic then switches to people changing. Nikki says she loves the new Victor, then remarks about how proud she is for Billy addressing his issues.

Later in the evening Nikki tells Victor that Nick and Chelsea’s date didn’t go well. Nikki wonders if she should have a talk with Chelsea, and Victor jokes that everyone thinks he’s the one that meddles in others lives. Nikki agrees not to talk to Chelsea. Nick then stops by to pick up Christian. While Victor is getting Christian ready, Nick tells Nikki he knows what to do now.

Y&R Spoilers– Chick’s Date Goes Wrong

Chelsea arrives at Nick’s place. She says she can’t spend the night, and they’ll just have to settle for dinner.

They go to Society, where they find Victoria sitting alone. Victoria says Billy just left and refuses their offer to join them for dinner. Nick and Chelsea get settled at their table, and she gives him news about Connor’s progress. Nick warns that playing house with Adam is going to make things worse for Connor. An offended Chelsea makes a snide remark about Nick’s parenting style.

Nick says he wants to be supportive, but the living situation is bothering him and he doesn’t think it’s normal. Nick makes a comment about Chelsea living with Connor until he goes to college. He then says Adam finally got what he wanted. Chelsea argues that she and Adam aren’t romantically involved, and they’re living together to help Connor. Nick apologizes for his behavior and wants to start their date over, but Chelsea leaves when she receives a message from Adam.

After Chelsea leaves, Victoria joins Nick. Victoria says Chelsea needs to make a choice, either him or Adam, she can’t have both. Nick then switches the topic to Billy, and Victoria voices her concern that leaving Jabot has affected him more than he’s letting on.

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