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Blue Bloods Spinoff Coming To CBS

Blue Bloods Spinoff Coming To CBS

Blue Bloods fans are still devastated that CBS pulled the plug on the wildly popular primetime drama after almost 15 years. 

The Friday night series is set to end at the end of 2024 after fourteen successful seasons.  But, it looks like Blue Bloods may still live on and rumor has it there’s a spinoff in the works.  Here’s what’s happening with the cancelled Blue Bloods series.

CBS – Exec Drops Blue Bloods Bomb

Earlier this year CBS execs confirmed that season 14 would be the final season of Blue Bloods, led by family Patriarch Tom Selleck.  Over the past fourteen seasons, viewers at home fell in love with the family of cops. 

When news broke that Blue Bloods was ending, fans began campaigning to save the show, and it looks like TPTB at Paramount heard them loud and clear.

This week Paramount CEO Brian Robbins spoke at the shareholders meeting and slipped up and accidentally revealed they are working on a potential Blue Bloods reboot. 

CBS and the cast have not confirmed the news yet.  But, if anyone knows what shows are coming down the pipeline, Brian Robbins definitely does.

Robbins stated, “In TV, new franchise extensions are coming for Dexter, Billions, and Blue Bloods.”  He also added that the network has high hopes for “Fire Country” and believes it will do very well.

Blue Bloods – Sticking Around?

Robbins glazed over his Blue Bloods comment, but social media went in to a frenzy about the news.  But, there’s a lot of variables at play. 

The writers could pick up where the Reagan Family left off, or the series could center around an entirely new clan of cops in a different city. 

Also, not every spinoff and reboot makes it to primetime.  CBS could opt to just air the series on their streaming giant Paramount +.

Are you looking forward to a Blue Bloods reboot?  Will you still watch if its not the original cast?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here on Celebrating The Soaps for more Blue Bloods news and updates.

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