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Blue Bloods Spoilers – Steven Schirripa Thought He Would Be The Sopranos’ Bobby Bacala Forever

Blue Bloods: Steven Schirripa Blue Bloods spoilers tease that Steven Schirripa, now Detective Anthony Abetemarco on Blue Bloods, used to play Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri on the HBO hit “The Sopranos” from seasons two through six. Steve says he thought he would be Bobby Bacala forever!

Blue Bloods Spoilers – About Steve Schirripa’s Sopranos Role

Blue Bloods fans who used to watch The Sopranos may have recognized Steve Schirripa, as well as a few other actors who once were on The Sopranos. But Steve has been quoted as saying that sometimes fans still recognize him as “Bobby Bacala” from his Sopranos days. Sopranos fans will remember that Bobby had run Junior Soprano’s (Dominic Chianese) loan shark business. Later on in the series, Bobby married Janice Soprano (Aida Turturro) who was Tony Soprano’s (James Gandolfini) sister. Steve played on The Sopranos for a long time as Bobby, however as all good things must come to an end, the series eventually did in 2007.

Steve Schirripa wanted to stay in the minds of the Sopranos fans, however, and wrote two books in between the Sopranos and Blue Bloods, namely “A Goomba’s Guide To Life” and “The Goomba Diet: Large And Loving It”. He also owns a sauce company called Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties. Even though Steve loved playing Bobby, he had to move on to other roles if he wanted to work – Blue Bloods has lasted a long time as well. In an interview in Esquire Magazine back in his Sopranos days, he said he knew at the time that he would always be Bobby Bacala. The characters’ last name is actually Baccalieri, with the Bacala moniker actually being the name of a salted codfish used in both Italian and Spanish cooking, referred to as bacalao for the Spanish variety.

Blue Bloods Spoilers – Who Else Has Steve Schirripa Played And In Which Shows?

While Schirripa still gets called “Bobby Bacala” by fans, he’s accepted that and doesn’t mind – one has to admit it’s easier to pronounce than “Abetemarco”! He figured no one would ever forget his Sopranos character name! His next role after “The Sopranos” was as Leo Boykewich on “The Secret Life Of The American Teenager”, six months after “The Sopranos” ended. So far, however, he has played Anthony Abetemarco on Blue Bloods even longer than he played Bobby on “The Sopranos”, which was fifty-three episodes. Steve has been on Blue Bloods since 2015, and he does have some fans that call him Anthony now. Blue Bloods actually started with a few writers who wrote for “The Sopranos”, and other Sopranos alumni have appeared. For instance, Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher Moltisanti on the Sopranos until 2007 appeared as Attorney General Robert Lewi on Blue Bloods.

He appeared on the show beginning in 2016 and then appeared on two additional episodes, the last one having been in season eleven, where he was in a scene talking to Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). Schirripa, whose character Anthony works under Erin Reagan (Bridge Monyahan) unfortunately didn’t cross paths with Imperioli in any scenes on Blue Bloods. Since “The Sopranos” was about the mob and Blue Bloods is about cops, former Sopranos alumni will be more likely to play politicians and cops, although there may be some criminal roles in the future. They will likely be more remembered for their old Sopranos roles, however.

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