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CBS President Responds To Angry NCIS: Hawaii Fans

NCIS: Hawaii fans have an axe to grind with CBS after the show was unexpectedly cancelled last month.  Not only did the NCIS spinoff have decent ratings, it was part of a massive franchise.  Even the show’s star Vanessa Lachey was shocked by the cancellation.  CBS seems to be standing by their decision though, and President Amy Reisenbach has a message for upset fans.

NCIS: Hawaii fans weren’t going out quietly.  After weeks of fans’ social media tirades and campaigns to reverse the cancellation, the networks entertainment President tried to explain why NCIS: Hawaii had to get pulled.

CBS President Speaks Out On NCIS Cancellation

According to Amy Reisenbach (at the Banff World Media panel), “They’re extremely tough calls to make.  I’m a big fan of TV first and I sympathize and relate to all of the fans out there who are disappointed in the fact that these shows are ending. But at the end of the day, our job at CBS is to make those really tough calls.

We toss and turn and have sleepless nights and have endless discussions but we look at all of the numbers. We look at what our projections are for the future, we look at where we see opportunities to potentially have even bigger success on the schedule. And we make those tough decisions.”

CBS President Responds To Angry NCIS: Hawaii Fans

Sadly, the CBS execs don’t seem to be losing any sleep over their decision to axe NCIS: Hawaii and Vanessa Lachey from the line-up.  It looks like all those fan petitions fell upon deaf ears.

New Shows Coming To CBS

Reisenbach made it clear she wanted to discuss the future at the network and the new shows that they have lined up.  The entertainment president teased new series Sheriff Country, and also revealed that they are looking to add a cooking show to their line-up and more game shows.

Are you still holding out hope that CBS will have a change of heart about NCIS: Hawaii?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here on Celebrating The Soaps for more TV news and updates.

  1. Cheryl says

    GAME SHOW’S!?!?!?!
    I’m so sick of these stupid, ridiculous, cheap azz game shows I could scream! I want quality shows, especially some family shows again. We are in a very rural area so can watch only what we pick up on our antenna. We’ve mostly stopped watching the “Main 3” because of game show overdose. Can you hear be SCREAMING at you CBS?!

    1. Paul says

      The Amy woman, the terrible replacement of smart CBS president Les is a clueless fool! She ONLY has the job because the color of her skin. She cancelled the low rated “SWAT” then I cancelled it. The terribly miscast ” Equalizer” which cast fatty Queen Latefa as the military style crime fighter is a joke! Again, she has the job because she is also black. The Amy woman is black and they look out for their own. Another terrific show was canned by this Amy woman, “S help me Todd”. A highly praised series with a white Oscar winning actress Marcia Gay Harden. The cast is mostly white. This Amy lady in charge cancelled that series also. This woman is also developing an all black soap opera. They might as well change the network name from CBS to the Ebony ONLY network. They have some very tired programming lined up next season like a new “Matlock” series. Sounds like a real dud! Absolutely zero original ideas. The Amy needs to be fired. She has the networks in decline since she took over. She is completely incompetent!

      1. Marco says

        This female president of CBS is a caucasian. I think maybe you’re thinking of abc.

      2. Jason H says

        Wow, how more racist can you sound? Jesus, so what if she’s black? I don’t agree with the cancelations, but it is what it is.

  2. Cindy says

    I will no be watching either NCIS Sidney or NCIS Origins, hopefully they sink as fast as the Titanic. I will continue to watch NCIS until she screws up this show by replacing McGee, Jimmy or Parker

    1. Buzzelectric says

      NCIS: Sydney. Who can understand what they’re saying? Bring back LA and Hawaii.

      1. Lea A says


      2. Cat says

        I totally agree. Bring them both back. They’re better than the original one. The original ones kind of gone poo. Poo.

  3. Randy Wickham says

    They use lame excuses to get rid of the good shows! Especially, when it comes to the NCIS shows, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Hawaii!, it doesn’t give me much hope for Origins or the Tony and Ziva spin-off!! Sydney might survive a little due to whatever breaks they were given from Australia, to film there! I have followed all of the different versions. And continue at any opportunity to watch reruns on any channel that runs them! Deeply disappointed with the loss of such great shows and talent!!

  4. Kathy Gotter says

    It’s ridiculous that they don’t listen to the people who watch these shows and they want to put all these crappy other shows on it. The NCIS franchise shows with the only things I watched on CBS and now I have one that I will watch and I’m not sure that I’ll bother to watch the new one. I was you willing to watch origins until you decided to take off Hawaii. I wasn’t happy that LA stopped but I could live with that after 14 years. I guess we just have to face the facts that she’s not very good at the job she’s doing. She’s going to run the network into the ground like it’s been run into the ground before. So sad!!!

  5. Rena says

    NCIS Sydney is a Stinker! Only watched the pilot. Horrible! Stiff! Disappointing.
    You made hard decisions to cancel NCIS Hawaii and left us with a big cliff hanger!! I will NOT watch NCIS Origins or the Matlock reboot! Also, there are already too many game shows and reality shows.
    The next time you crunch numbers and decide you just gotta cancel a show 3 seasons in with good numbers, at least don’t leave your viewers hanging!!! Seriously! That happens more often than not. It’s like getting to the last page of a book only too find the page torn out and the book is either out of print or on back order.

  6. Rae says

    Cancelled over game shows. That is horrible, to hear. NCIS Hawaii trumps game shows. Every time you get hooked on a show, they go and cancel it.

    1. Cindy says

      Exactly why my husband and I have stopped watching most new TV shows. The original NCIS and NCIS Hawaii were the only two we watched on major networks. Sydney took too much work to understand the actors accents. I’m thinking we’ll just stick to streaming, movies , brit tv, and discovery plus. Bye CBS won’t miss you a bit!

  7. Ruth Liscum says

    I agree with you all I’m tired of the game shows & cooking shows, I could scream. They always take off good shows & replace them with crap. It doesn’t make since at all to me. They’re taking off Blue Bloods too, another good show they could go go for another 10 seasons with. They took off Criminal Minds beyond borders & the other ones as well, so many good popular shows get taken away only to replace with crap no one will watch, some old boring crap, & stupid goofy shows that make no sense at all. They want us to rate the shows & watch them but then they don’t listen to them or our complaints & they still take away what we all love & enjoy. And enough with the reality shows too, OMG. That’s all you see is reality, game shows & cooking shows, enough is enough already. Ya’ll need to listen or become extinct when everyone stops watching your stations. That goes for CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox & CW too.

    1. Karen says

      I totally agree. Blue Bloods is my favorite and now it’s gone. I’m sick of all the reality junk out there. Who cares. Put on more family shows not reality junk.

    2. Vette says


  8. Kim McDougall says

    Yep, there soon won’t be anything left to watch on CBS. I think I’ll just cancel my TV guide subscription. No game shows, soaps or reboots of other cancelled old shows can replace a handful of popular, entertaining and thought provoking “must watch” TV. They should cancel the folks that made those decisions. Seriously.

  9. BECKY SMITH says

    My question is why does CBS always cancel the good shows and leave the bad ones on. I had a business and if I didn’t have what my customers wanted I would have been out of business. It is going to be where everyone is going to start watching ABC, NBC, and FOX. Can’t depend on CBS to keep shows on

  10. David says

    OMG, another game/cooking show. I thought this was “prime time” TV not daytime crap! I will be changing the channel and not coming back!

  11. Betsy says

    One executive made a comment about keeping programming “fresh.” I’m not sure that keeping a show that’s been on for 18 years but canning the one that’s only had three seasons and earned consistently good ratings fits the definition of “keeping programming fresh.”

  12. Meg says

    Bring back Hawaii and cancel Sydney. It is horrible.. you are bring Blue Bloods back why not Hawaii.

  13. Melissa says

    Lol. I have now banned @CBS from my TV. Loved NCISHawaii!! Absolute no one wants to watch more game shows unless. Definitely not watching Origins – I could care less about more “Gibbs” white dude rules. It’s too bad because I actually really like FBI – but will have to do without just because I don’t want CBS to get the ratings!

  14. Amy Lewis says

    I am in disbelief you think MORE game shows and cooking shows are going to have better ratings than NCIS:HAWAII. You done fell and bumped your head There are cooking channels and game show channels if that’s what the viewing public wants to watch. Go ahead and keep canceling the “good” shows, let’s see how far that gets you.

  15. Dianne says

    I was really upset when they canceled NCIS LOS ANGELES. I really wanted to see Deek’s and Kensi’s baby, see Callen’s and Anna’s marriage devlope. It was bad enough when Mark Harmon left NCIS,and when Abby left.

  16. Cheryl Johnson says

    I am praying that you will consider keeping the show I’m not be watching the other show

  17. Linda Newberry says

    Other than the Origins NCIS I hope everything CBS has planned new has a poor rating then maybe AMY will have second thoughts on canceling shows that have showed promise over shows that you have no idea will do what. Why did you change your mind when you said SWAT was cancelled and then brought it back. How much did you make on that deal??!!
    I have watched CBS since right after I was born-1948-but since My beloved parents that got me started watching it are no longer here I can be persuaded to change networks.

  18. Mary says

    Really!! No more Game show!! No more dancing or music shows!!” No more love shows!! And heck no to cooking shows!! That’s why there are Game, cooking channels. Put on NCIS Hawaii!!

  19. Kim says

    VERY dissapointed CBS, I wasn’t going to get into another series when Hawaii came out but gave it a try and LOVED it. I will NOT watch a gameshow, so you can count on your ratings to go down. Bring it back!!!!

  20. Mike says

    Seems to me you’re more interested in throwing stupid reality shows and game shows than you are listening to the people who want to see the good shows like NCIS Hawaii you need new leadership badly

  21. Kay says

    Between cancelling all the ” newer ” NCIS shows , but keeping the “old” one, AND cancelling BLUE BLOODS ( shame on you, CBS) this household will NOT be watching CBS anymore!!! Especially with putting on Matlock, crap.

  22. Sandy says

    Can’t believe they just dropped another popular show for a cooking or game show. Cancelling Hawaii, arguably the popular of the shows, last year was disappointing but now this? Cancel Australia. That accept is cute for a minute, but you can only understand about half of what they say. This used to be my go to network.

  23. Jiffi R says

    I cannot believe that NCIS Hawaii doesn’t have enough ratings to keep it on the air!! The NCIS franchise is top notch, yet they keep canceling the really good ones. Hawaii, Los Angeles and New Orleans are my faves, and I spend most of my free time at night watching reruns on other channels. They all have great character studies, and all of the characters are well-developed. I love the quirkiness of the characters on Hawaii, especially. I’m very disappointed in the direction that the network is going, and I hope that they listen to the fans and reconsider their decision. If they don’t listen to their fans, how do they expect to gain decent ratings?

  24. Christian says

    Big Mistake CBS ….. Big Mistake !

  25. Charles says

    Bs politics why Sydney will last it’s a bad show yet a good show is tossed away with a good following

  26. Barbara Jean says

    There is no way a cooking show and game shows can replace or come near fan base of NCIS Hawaii.

    Are you getting kickbacks to air other shows?

  27. Artie says

    The upcoming NCIS replacements – NCIS Origins and NCIS Tony-Diva (a lame Mr&Mrs Smith derivative?) both sound boring and unoriginal. Nope, we have a better use of our time.

  28. Robert Bargy says

    Get rid of the Waco shows like Elsbeth cooking the night time game shows bring back the good shows and if you want to do a remake of a Clasic bring back jag! Also would be nice to do a show like Marvel agents of shield or mutant x. Maybe We will get lucky and ABC will do another smart thing and pick up NCIS Hawaii like they did 911

  29. Rebecca LeAnn Robinson says

    I’m done. Everything else CBS puts on is crap. I guess I’m going back to netflix. I’m not watching the stupid stuff they are trying to put out. I’m even getting my local news from a different station.

  30. RB says

    So, one or two opinions at CBS say “cancel my favorite show”. Very weird logic. NCIS New Orleans was horrendous, & it ran for how many years? NCIS LA was mediocre, & it ran forever as well. NCIS Sydney has potential, so what … give it 2 more years to fully develop the characters & cancel it as well? NCIS Hawaii is a great show. The data proved it, & its fans are telling you as much. So swallow your pride & make it right.

  31. Lisa Lewis says

    Release NCIS Hawaii, Blue Bloods & So Help Me Todd. That way, maybe another channel will pick them up, like ABC did Magnum PI. Y’all can keep the name NCIS, will rename it Hawaii Feds I would love to see either one of them do a crossover with The Rookie, 911 or Will Trent. Please and Thank You.

  32. John says

    I dont understand why CBS doesn’t just do less shows a year if they’re worried about series budgets. You have the original N.C.I.S
    and all its iterations just do less episodes a season of each one. 10-12 instead of 20.
    Then you’d still have all your shows, Hawaii, Sydney, Origins and the original N.C.I.S. they’d have a greater variety of programming the viewers and sponsors would both be happy
    And most of all CBS would have more hit shows to have in their schedules especially with the popularity of each series. It would be a win-win for everyone involved. CBS would have moreshows fir syndication and streaming.

  33. Charles says

    Not a good decision.

  34. Peter says

    Get rid of this individual. Where are the tv executives who voted to cancel this series. You bunch are all idiots.

  35. Kelly says

    They cancelled the wrong NCIS. The original NCIS is soooooo lame now. Cancel that and keep Hawaii. I won’t be watching any of the NCIS shoes moving forward.

  36. Amanda says

    I have stopped watching FOX because it is nothing but reality and game shows. I guess CBS is next. I agree with others why keep Sydney and cancel Hawaii? Hawaii is way better. Really pissed about So Help me Todd too. Great writing and ensemble work by the actors. Especially Hardin and Astin. Their work was so clever. Replacing it with Matlok with Bates ??? Yuck!!! One whole night of FBI I already never watch. Young Sheldon gone for Georgie and Mandy thumbs done. Boo! Will be Miss Mee Maw and Missy CBS you are not drawing my views. Paramount is next for me to cancel too CBS. Stop following trends and producing repetitive content and develop more quality content.

  37. Bob says

    CBS misread the market with NCIS HAWAII. It was a critical part of the franchise. Please bring it back.

  38. Dan says

    How about getting rid of what’s broadcast on Bilge water Wednesday? If that’s what they call “keeping the lineup fresh”, someone vote me off the island, evict me and whatever else it takes to get off those “shows”.

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