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Law and Order: SVU’s Kelli Giddish Talks Balancing Pregnancies and Motherhood While Shooting A TV Show

For more than ten years, Kelli Giddish portrayed Detective Amanda Rollins on the long-running show. During that time, she welcomed three children, and yup, even when she weighed 180 lbs she was acting. Beautiful, ain’t it?

Kelli Giddish Describes Pregnancy and Motherhood On the Set of “Law and Order: SVU”

Giddish is no stranger to intense scenes throughout the time she played Amanda Rollins, and during that time, she experienced different pregnancies.

As fans have seen, Rollins welcomed her third baby and first with Dominick Carisi on the Season 25 premiere of SVU as part of the 2024 TV schedule months after Giddish welcomed her third baby and first with husband Beau Richards. She may not be on “Law and Order: SVU” right now, but her experiences there are indelible.

Due to these pregnancies, writers made her character to be pregnant as well so that she doesn’t take time offscreen, meaning her real life experiences influenced fiction.

Law and Order: SVU's Kelli Giddish Talks Balancing Pregnancies and Motherhood While Shooting A TV Show

Following Rollins’ surprise news on the Season 24 finale, Giddish opened up to PEOPLE about what it’s like balancing pregnancy and motherhood while playing a leading character on a fast-paced crime drama.

In fact, the reality was so stark, she said her current husband teases her about it: ”My husband is like, ‘I’m thinking it might be a record that one actress has had three babies on one show. Is that a record, by the way?”

Since Giddish had the good luck to have these pregnancies written in, her character wasn’t written out, and when it came time for maternity, it was easy for the network to navigate it as well.

However, we know it’s not going to be easy being a working mom on a show that has as much as 20 episodes a season.

“The love and support that I felt weighing 180 pounds on a national TV show on network TV. It didn’t even faze me…they were all there to love and support me, and I was breastfeeding on set, and it just worked seamlessly.”


With no new storylines to pursue on “Law and Order: SVU,” the actress can finally get to spend quality time with her children, and she definitely deserves it. Whenever the network feels okay to bring back our beloved Rollins, well I’m sure Giddish will be ever ready to jump right in again.

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