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Pat Sajak Comes Back Out of Retirement

Pat Sajak Comes Back Out of RetirementPat Sajak is already coming out of retirement. The Wheel of Fortune host is stepping down after 41 seasons. Friday, June 7 is his last day. Keep on reading to learn more.

Stepping Down From Wheel Of Fortune

That was fast. Pat Sajak is announcing his first gig after his retirement. The longtime host shocked Wheel of Fortune fans when he announced he was leaving his position. Sajak is gearing up for retirement. In the meantime, fans will prepare themselves for Ryan Seacrest, who is replacing him on the show.

Sajak was the host of America’s Game Show for 41 years. That’s a long time to have one position. He was lucky to become the host of the classic game show that’s fascinated fans for decades. Sajak won three Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Game Show Host.

He was also nominated 19 times throughout those 41 years. That’s an impressive feat that most game show hosts can’t get. Sajak will step down from his position in early June. Seacrest will take over when the game show returns in the fall. It’ll be hard to replace him since Sajak left a mark on the show.

Pat Sajak already secured his new job after Wheel of Fortune. The television personality shared what he’s doing next.

“I’m perfectly happy if it just means that I’ll continue with my crossword puzzles and play with grandchildren. Hint hint hint. No pressure,” Sajak said during his interview on Good Morning America.

Pat Sajak – Returns From Retirement

He’s already stepping out of retirement. He already shared his plans for what he intends to do next. Those plans involve Joe Moore, Sajak’s longtime friend, and an HON-TV Hawaii newscaster.

Sajak will appear in the play, Prescription: Murder at downtown Honolulu’s Hawaii Theatre next month.

The play will run from July 31 to August 10, 2025. William Link and Richard Levinson are the writers behind Prescription: Murder. The play was turned into the popular series, Columbo. The play’s plot led to the pilot of the classic show. Fans who watched Columbo might be familiar with Pat Sajak’s next project.

He will play psychiatrist Roy Flemming. Moore will play the role of Lt. Columbo. This news might be shocking since Pat Sajak suggested that he would rest during his time off.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak’s next gig? Does this surprise you? Will you miss having him host Wheel of Fortune? Sound off below in the comment section.

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