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This “Law & Order” Newcomer Shares Thoughts On Crossover With Mariska Hargitay And Chris Meloni

“Law & Order” crossovers never fail to open up sweet opportunities where our favorite characters from different “Law & Order” universes get to meet and interact with each other. As a result of this, crossover episodes has become something that the long-running show’s dedicated fandom “L&O” occasionally yearn for. Well, “Law and Order’s” latest addition Tony Goldwyn wants this too.

Tony Goldwyn – Wants Kerry Washington To Guest Star On “Law & Order”

“Scandal’s” Tony Goldwyn recently joined “Law & Order” as District Attorney Nicholas Baxter after Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy retired from the role.

So far, warming up to the detectives and adjusting to his new role, whilst harboring humongous ambitions, has been his character’s driving force. In real life, Goldwyn has his ambitions too.

This “Law & Order” Newcomer Shares Thoughts On Crossover With Mariska Hargitay And Chris Meloni

You may remember Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant from “Scandal” – yeah, the one who got entangled with Kerry Washington’s power lawyer turned PR-fixer Olivia Pope. At the time, shipping Grant and Pope was one of our favorite pastimes.

Now stepping into his new role as “Law & Order’s” latest DA, we can’t really blame him for wanting to drag Washington into it as well.

However, he feels that if Washington does step into the show, even if it’s for a short while, she will be better fitted to the role of a “villain.”

Talking to Today during his latest interview, he said, “If Kerry Washington comes to “Law & Order,” she will be a villain. I can just tell you that right now”

Speculations on Washington joining the show for a few episode arc started when he posted “I need you on my team @KerryWashington!” on Instagram and she replied, “@tonygoldwyn I’ll call you later. You got this!!!”

While Goldwyn did admit that she hasn’t called yet, he hasn’t completely lost all hope that she would.

Tony Goldwyn – Shares His Thoughts On “Law & Order” Crossovers

“Law & Order” crossovers may be rare, but they’re exciting whenever they do happen. And while there’s been a multi-episode crossover that brought “Law & Order,” “Organized Crime,” and “SVU” together, Goldwyn wishes one would happen during his tenure.

“Wow! I think it would be really interesting to have a scene with Mariska (Hargitay) — that would be really cool. Yeah, or Chris (Meloni). I mean, at the end of the day, they all work for me,” he said.

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