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Yellowstone Season 4 And 1883 Seem A Bit Disappointing

Yellowstone Season 4 And 1883 Seem A Bit DisappointingYellowstone Season 4 was expected to be another epic season of the popular paramount series. Similarly, 1883 was touted to be the best yet. However, it seems that some folks are a bit disappointed by both shows. Season 4 seemed to stall in who killed who or why they were killed. Then, some people complained that the 1883 premiere seemed a bit too unrealistic.

Yellowstone Season 4 And 1883 had Great Premiere Numbers

The series has been such a huge success that it has already fostered two spinoff series, 1883 which premiered on December 19, and 6666 which is still in production. Well, it’s long been touted how fantastic the shows are. And yet a lot of people seem disappointed.  Cole Hauser, who plays Rip revealed that Season 5 is being worked on right now, and he promised another “wonderful” epic series. However, it seems that some fans might not believe the hype. 1883 had a record number of viewers,  and Season 4 was hotly anticipated, but not everyone raves about them.

Yellowstone 1888 was promoted by various stars and celebs. Todd Chrisley and Tamra Judge both raved about it. Octavia Spencer also praised the epic show, vowing to set her DVD for it. Meanwhile, Todd Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best told his fans, “this new show…is absolutely epic, I can’t wait to stream this show and if you want your life to be better, you should as well.”  In the comments, Real Housewives star Tamra Judge said that she’s “obsessed” with it all. But some fans just don’t feel the same way.

Yellowstone Season 4 And 1888 Disappointing?

Just a few episodes out from the finale of Season 4, fans debate which character a wolf will kill off. Actually, pondering who’s gonna die and why has occupied the minds of fans since before the premiere. Soon after the halfway mark of Season 4, fans started expressing some disappointment in the show. TV Fanatic reported, “We’ve just blown past the halfway mark, and it feels like we’re standing still.” The outlet added, “Yellowstone Season 4 just isn’t delivering the same levels of thrills and excitement that came before.”


Similarly, Looper reported that despite the successful premiere, fans started complaining about the “quality” of the fourth season of Yellowstone. Redditors bemoaned the fact that the storyline seems to stall and just drag out forever. So, some fans claimed that Paramount only used Season 4 to hype up the audience for 1883. Well, 1883 premiered in record numbers as well, but some disappointment comes through in the comments by fans.

1883 Unrealistic?

Yellowstone 1883 was supposed to be a fantastic, absolutely authethecic story. But, when TV Series Finale wrote about it, in the comments, fans seemed unhappy that Paramount only showed it on the more expensive Paramount+ service. That doesn’t mean the quality’s not good though. However, some fans moaned about it. One of them spoke about believability. They wrote, “Beginning scenes of robbers shooting at Tim McGraw maybe 20 times thru a covered wagon and not one shot connected. . unrealistic. I won’t pay to watch it.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the two shows are turning out not to be as good as promised in all the hype?  Sound off in the comments below.

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