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Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner Couldn’t Resist THIS Comfort Food Amid Filming!

Kevin Costner faced a double serving of stress recently. First the actor dealt with a challenging Yellowstone film schedule. And second, Costner coped with marriage trouble.

But the Yellowstone star found some relief from the chef in charge of food for the cast. Keep reading to find out which comfort food Costner couldn’t resist!

Kevin Costner – Indulged In This Comfort Food

Amid filming Yellowstone and facing a divorce with his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner turned to comfort food. And the 68-year-old star sometimes cheated on his diet in favor of one specific treat. Costner, who portrayed John Dutton on Yellowstone for five seasons, frequently indulged in a special dessert, according to Chef Gabriel Guilbeau, reported the Daily Mail.

Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner Couldn't Resist THIS Comfort Food Amid Filming!

As Yellowstone’s head of food services, Chef Gabriel listened to the show’s stars. And he revealed, “Kevin always likes to tell me he’s on a diet and off the sugar, and then he’ll ask me to make him an apple pie. In the same day, usually.”

And the chef revealed that Costner often spent time near his kitchen to enjoy some sweet treats amid filming. However, the Oscar winner also could be picky about what he ate. But Chef Gabriel joked, “Before he met me, I think [he] solely lived off of canned chili and hot dogs.”

Yellowstone –   Cast Loved These Classic Foods

Gabriel also portrays Chef Gator on the series. And he shared that the Yellowstone cast enjoyed classics including gumbo, étouffée, jambalaya and barbecue.

But Costner’s desire for comfort food came amid both the end of his marriage of 18 years and his time on the show. However, he and his estranged wife did finally achieve a settlement after a messy divorce battle. And a united statement from the former spouses revealed, “Kevin and Christine Costner have come to an amicable and mutually agreed upon resolution of all issues pertaining to their divorce proceedings.”

Moreover, Christine received a warning that if she challenged the judgment, she would need to repay Costner more than $1 million. And she also would face the requirement to pay his attorney’s fees for the prenup war. As a result, the Yellowstone actor’s estranged wife agreed to the settlement.

Costner turned to celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser to lead his divorce battle. And an insider shared one reason that Christine finally agreed to settle. Kevin posses “all the power,” said the source. “Christine didn’t really have a choice but to settle because Kevin had all the power. Had she continued fighting, she would risk losing everything.”

Tell us what you think. Do you sympathize with Kevin Costner turning to comfort foods amid the stress of filming Yellowstone and his divorce battles? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more TV news.

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  1. Debbie says

    Hell no Kevin should treat himself to his feel good food!!!!! You only go around once in this lifetime, try and enjoy every precious moment! Eat till your heart in content!

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