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Yellowstone: Wes Bentley Opens Up About Jamie’s Decision On Beth’s Sterilization

Yellowstone spoilers, news, and updates tease that Wes Bentley, the actor who plays the role of Jamie Dutton, talked about his character’s decision to let Beth be sterilized after the latter had an unwanted pregnancy. He explained why Beth hates him so much and what prompted him to agree to the procedure.

In Yellowstone Season 3, the reason behind Beth’s hatred for Jamie is finally revealed. In a flashback scene, Beth got pregnant when she was a teenager. She went to Jamie for help, and the latter took her to a Native American Clinic where she got an abortion. However, the procedure also required the patient to be sterilized, and that was what happened to Beth.

The woman at the clinic told Jamie to bring Beth somewhere else, but the former knew how big the problem would be if other people learned that Beth had an abortion. So, he agreed to have Beth sterilized without the latter’s consent. This is the reason why Beth hated Jamie so much.


Yellowstone Spoilers – Why Did Jamie Dutton Make Such A Terrible Decision?

Fans were curious as to why Jamie chose to make that terrible decision. He may have found himself in a difficult situation, but having Beth Sterilized seemed too much. Plus, she was only 15 years old when she got pregnant.

“It’s a terrible decision. It’s the wrong decision, but he was a kid making that decision,” Bentley explained.

He added that nobody was there to decide, and during that time, he thought that it was the right call to make.

“It just wasn’t well thought out, and from his standpoint, he wasn’t sure. She came to him, and he did this. It was bad,” the actor admitted.

The actor shared that he had a general idea of the incident that took place between Jamie and Beth before they started to film Yellowstone. However, he had no clue that his alter ego directly said yes to the procedure.

Yellowstone Spoilers – Kelly Reilly’s Take On Her Character Beth Dutton

Meanwhile, Kelly Reilly said that Beth is probably the most fascinating character she’s ever played. She added that her alter ego is hard to explain, but she’s grateful to have been given the chance to bring the character to life. The actress added that she was attracted to Beth because she never played such a character before and it took her a long time to understand her alter ego.

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