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Ed Sheeran Trusts His Wife Even After She Lost Her Engagement Ring At A Strip Club

Ed SheeranCharlamagne Tha God can’t imagine the level of trust Ed Sheeran has bestowed on his wife, Cherry, and he’s asking fans if they would act like Ed if they were ever in his place.

Ed Sheeran  – Reveals Why He Keeps Away From Strip Clubs

Ed Sheeran’s wife Cherry Seaborn nearly lost her engagement ring at a strip club, and Ed Sheeran sang about it!

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God on his “The God’s Honest Truth”, broadcasting on Comedy Central, the “All of the Stars” singer chatted about the inspiration behind the words we hear in the song “Collide”, where he tells a story about his lover almost losing her engagement ring.

During the chat, Charlamagne asked Sheeran to explain the meaning behind the lyrics: “We made love in the sky/ Overslept and missed the Northern Lights/ You lost your wedding ring, but I didn’t mind/ ‘Cause I got a feeling, baby, we’ll be fine.”

Sheeran said: “Now that’s a f—ing story. She’s gonna hate that I’m saying all this stuff…

“I don’t go to strip clubs and stuff like that. I think that’s a bad look for me. I don’t want to be pictured out at something like that,” he explained. “I write songs from the heart about relationships that I’ve had with girls. I don’t have a problem with anyone doing that, but it’s just not something that I want to do.”

He continued, “But my friends like going. So we’re in Toronto and they go, ‘We’re going to a strip club’— and mind you, Cherry is there. I’m like, ‘Cool guys. I’m peacing out, I’m gonna get some sleep and go back to the hotel.’ And that’s where she lost it.”

Charlamagne Tha God then asked, “In the strip club?”

Sheeran replied, “I remember bringing it up the morning after, and sort of like halfway through the conversation. Realizing how stupid it was sounding, ‘Hey guys, if you find an engagement ring. Can you-‘”

Ed Sheeran’s meek understanding paid off when the ring was finally found in the hotel where they spent the night. “I just knew it was lost, but it turned out she’d fallen asleep on the couch in the hotel. And it was down the side of the sofa and we found it.”

Charlamagne Tha God was amazed at the level of trust existing between the couple, so much so that he couldn’t stop himself from asking his fans whether any of them would have acted the way Ed did if the same incident happened to them.

He captioned the Instagram post, writing, “This is what you call trust in your partner. You don’t even have this level of understanding if you don’t trust your partner 100%. How would this have gone if this was your relationship?”

Ed Sheeran – Opens Up about How His Perfect Proposal Plans Got Ruined By A Force Of Nature

During the interview, the 30-year-old global star talked about his proposal to Cherry Seaborn, and what caused its delay and location change. P.S., It’s not what you think.

“I actually bought the ring about six months after we started dating. I just had it in my bag. I was going to propose to her after Glastonbury Festival in England. I invited all of my family and her family and I had the ring… When I got to the after-party I thought, ‘This ain’t right. I don’t want to f—ing do it in front of 40 people after a gig,’ so I just held onto the ring just waiting for the moment.”

He continued, “After Christmas, we were in Italy. I got the date engraved of when I was going to do it. The day came and I built a pergola at the end of the garden to do it at, watch the sunset and have a bit of wine. Then it started raining! Just pissing down with rain. I was there like “F— I got the date engraved. I need to do it today or get engaged tomorrow and it’s the wrong date.’ “

Sheeran was forced to alter his plans and propose indoors, after the couple had dinner. Seaborne’s response prompted him to add “please” to the proposal, you know, with a little cherry on top. We know how it goes from there: the couple married in 2019 and welcomed a daughter, Lyra, in 2020.

Sheeran’s full conversation with Charlamagne Tha God on “The God’s Honest Truth” is set to air on Comedy Central this Friday at 10 pm ET. It’s also streaming on Paramount Plus.

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