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Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Logan’s Sacrifice: Her Happiness to Save Bill Spencer

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – The Logan’s And Spencer’s Prepare to Battle Sheila Carter

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers reveal Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) has been completely spellbound by Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Now everyone in L.A is begging and pleading for him to get away from Sheila, how could he betray them to this caliber. This much we know, Bill is definitely not acting like the Spencer he is and my best guess would be her somehow using his sword and hypnosis to control him.

The one thing I notice just like everyone else is the fact that he is letting Sheila do the talking for him. This is not Bill Spencer behavior and last we saw Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) was up to bat to try and save him. Brooke won’t let Sheila boss her around like she has everyone else. This is why she is the reigning Queen of the city, she would not allow Sheilla to block her and confront Bill. It looks like he may give in but spoilers reveal that even Brooke will not be able to sway him. Out of luck and almost out of chance could Katie risk it all to bring Bill back to the light?

The Bold And The Beautiful -Katie Logan

B&B Spoilers – Carter Walton’s Heartbreak Curse Continues

B&B Spoilers reveal that Carter Walton (Lawerence Saint-Vincent) finally finds happiness after being gutted by Quinn Forrester (Rena Sophie) but is he doomed to have another romantic affair end so abruptly? Right now everyone is on edge knowing that Sheila is free. No one feels safe and almost everyone has had their life interrupted but her and Bill’s betrayal. Will Katie Logan be willing to put her wants and needs aside to focus on saving the father of her child? She obviously wants her son to have nothing to do with the psychopath which I don’t blame her Sheila has the tendency to posion everything she touches and Will being at an age where he could still be swayed by his father’s opinion so she will stop at nothing to make sure that WIll is safe. If she thinks the only way this could happen would be for her to play happy family is she willing to risk it?

I am sure that no one will agree to this they think that Katie deserves to have what Carter has offered her and even though it will hurt both of them, I can see her sacrificing everything in order to save Bill. I am not sure how this will work if Sheila does indeed have him under a spell or hypnosis but Katie is a tried and true Logan who will fight for the protection and safety of her family. She could try to convince Carter to just give her enough time to get Bill out from Sheila’s grasp and once he gets the help he needs she they can resume their relationship. I am sure that Carter would have no problem waiting but at the same time maybe this is what he needs in order to realize his worth as a man and decides to pursue someone else as a romantic partner. I really hope Katie doesn’t hurt Carter in order to save Bill. He obviously needs major help but no one should have to sacrifice their own happiness in order to save him.

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