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Tori Spelling Drops Big Bucks On Bold And The Beautiful Star Denise Richards’ OnlyFans!

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) star Denise Richards enjoys a strong bond with Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling. And so when Tori learned that the Bold And The Beautiful star created an OnlyFans profile, Spelling just couldn’t resist. But the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum admitted that she spent a staggering amount of money on Denise in only two days.

Find out what Tori shared about Denise’s OnlyFans. And learn exactly how much money she spent. Get all the details below.

Tori Spelling – Makes Denise Richards OnlyFans Confession!

The Bold And The Beautiful star Denise Richards may want to give her long-time friend Tori Spelling an extra-nice birthday gift this year. Because Tori just revealed how much she loves Denise’s OnlyFans account. And in the process, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum confessed how much she spent to view Richards’ pics, noted E News.

Spelling spilled on her fascination with Richards during her appearance on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live. And the actress explained her bond with Denise. Because the two maintained a strong friendship for years, Tori felt compelled to check out Richards  on OnlyFans. But she admitted she also felt curious about the platform.

Tori Spelling

“I’ve been friends with her for years. I was just kind of fascinated by the whole OnlyFans,” shared the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum. “And—I’m not going to lie—I was like, ‘Let me check it out. What does it entail?” However, when Tori discovered she needed to pay for a subscription to view Denise’s account, Spelling recalled signing up using a “fake name.”

Denise Richards – On OnlyFans Sparks Tori Spelling’s ‘OMG’!

The Bold And The Beautiful star looks fabulous on OnlyFans, according to Tori. And the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum shared that she couldn’t stop herself from spending more money. Because of Spelling’s friendship with Richards, Tori admitted she kept tipping the account. 

“It’s riveting,” summed up the 49-year-old. “I just wanted to see. It’s my friend. I’m like, ‘Hey, how far is she going?'” And Tori then tipped Denise’s OnlyFans account in order to send a message to her friend. “Hey, love what I’m seeing. Would love to see some more,” Spelling messaged Richards.

As a result, Tori spent $400 in just two days. But Spelling defended her expenses. And she shared that she couldn’t seem to prevent herself from adding more money to her OnlyFans views of Denise.

Tori Spelling – Drops $400 In Two Days On Denise Richards’ Pics!

“I ended up, in the course of two days, spending $400. Oh gosh, she looks good!” gushed the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum of the Bold And The Beautiful star. However, Denise has shared that she feels OnlyFans offers an “empowering” option. 

Richards, 51, signed up for OnlyFans last summer after her 18-year-old daughter Sami Sheen joined the service. And the Bold And The Beautiful star defended her decision as well as her daughter’s joining. Because creators own their content, Denise felt that she saw no difference between Instagram and OnlyFans.

And the Bold And The Beautiful star feels “really” empowered to shine as her “true, authentic self. You own your content. The other sites, they can sell your content. We all post pictures with ourselves with bathing suits on Instagram and some of the other sites.” As a result, Richards feels OnlyFans offers a legitimate option to show off her pics. 

Tell us what you think. How do you react to Tori Spelling dropping $400 in two days on Denise Richards’ OnlyFans? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news as well as updates on The Bold And The Beautiful. 

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