The Bold and the Beautiful Fans Attack Heather Tom In Real Life Over Katie’s Story On B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful Fans Attack Heather Tom In Real Life Over Katie's Story On B&BAlthough ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans are used to extreme storylines on the show, a few of them have crossed the line and begun attacking actress Heather Tom in real life over her character Katie Logan’s story on the show.

Fans who are furious over Katie’s romance with Wyatt (Darin Brooks) have begun attacking Heather Tom via Twitter, with some even wishing for her to lose her job! Talk about an inability to separate fact from fiction!

Tom set these fans straight, telling them directly that this is a job, not real life, and that she is a mother with children to support with said job. She tweeted, “I don’t get it-root 4Katie, root 4brill-that’s fine-that soaps-UR meant2do that-but when its abt my job- that’s that’s real life-its just mean.” And mind you, this isn’t the first time that Heather Tom has called out fans on social media, having also done so in a similar situation last fall.

However, just as several fans have been attacking Heather for Katie Logan’s romance with Wyatt, there are several others who have been supporting of the budding romance – as well as learning about Bill’s reaction when he finds out about said romance. Heather did send an additional tweet to these fans, adding, “Anyway nuff abt that-thx 2every1 who’s digging #watie &even those not on board yet-U gotta admit the look on Bill’s face is gonna B priceless.”

Again, it’s important for fans to be able to separate from an actress playing a character, and the character themselves. All things considered, actress Heather Tom is reported to be a consummate professional and very well-liked on the show ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ as well as in the industry in general. As such, tweeting hateful and personal attacks against her cross the thin line between fan enthusiasm and fanaticism, especially when you consider the crazy things that happen on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ to begin with.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ airs on weekdays on CBS. What do you guys think about Heather Tom’s tweets regarding personal attacks against her over her character Katie Logan’s romance with Wyatt on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’? Do you agree that the attacks were uncalled for, and what do you think of Heather’s response? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.