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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Devastated Over Break Up – But Did She Initiate It?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) cries when Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) tells her that their marriage is over. However, she should have expected this. After all, she started it by taking off her wedding ring when she didn’t get her way.

Taking Off Her Wedding Ring

B&B spoilers reveal that Brooke started the end of the marriage by taking off her wedding ring. Even though she didn’t intend to end her relationship, that is the impression that Ridge got. After all, taking off her wedding ring was a pretty bold move. Later, she did tell Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) that she didn’t know how else to get her point across. Translation: it was Brooke’s attempt to get her way and it has since blown up in her face.

B&B Spoilers: Ultimatums

It seems that much of the marriage lately has been about ultimatums. As Ridge explained to his wife, he is just sick of it. Just like Brooke would do anything for Hope, Ridge feels the same way about his son, Thomas. He needed her to stand with him, not against him and issue a bunch of ultimatums.

Ridge Forrester’s Declaration

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that there is more involved in Ridge’s decision that just Brooke taking off her wedding ring a few weeks ago. The breaking point was learning that she lied about Thomas. While Ridge was out of his mind with worry about Thomas’ disappearance, Brooke knew exactly why the young man hadn’t surfaced. She decided to keep this information from Ridge.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Cry Me a River

If the situation was reversed, Brooke would be livid if Ridge knew that Hope was dead and didn’t say anything. However, because the death wasn’t Hope, but Thomas, Brooke feels justified in her decision to keep it a secret. She doesn’t seem to understand this, though and cried while Ridge told her their relationship is over. Does she really not understand that she made her bed and now she has to lie in it?

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  1. Guest says

    I don’t see Brooke and Ridge breaking up as such a bad thing. Brooke needs to dump the dead weight and find someone that can be there for her and her children. Did Brooke cross the line? Maybe but Ridge would do the same if the shoes was on the other foot. Plus he claims that Brooke should forgive Thomas. But has he forgiven Flo? I think not. Can you say hypocrite!

  2. Guest says

    Poor Brook. The bitch didn’t get her way this time. Glad Ridge told her good-bye. But bet it don’t last

  3. Guest says

    Brooke needs a man who puts her first Eric was the man for her and might be oncee more

  4. Kenya Sanders says

    Right ridge aint shit a whimp and everybody blameing brooke for their split it v was both their faults they both did crooked deeds but ridge did tell her logan i love you and i always will shauna can fill that void he making himself be into her he feels sorry for the trash tramp.cause when she came to town she had no one and no its not thomas who put them together but he put the idea out there letting her know he wasnt againgst it i hate ridge character he acts dumb worse than hope he need to go back to marty on one live to live he stinks at playing ridge and anyone deceived anyone its that mf ridge brooke told him what that trash shauna was all about she hd some nerve getting in his bed offering him drinks and backrubs to a married man really whore like ridge didnt pick shauna over brooke ok he confused wanted a reason he dont love no shauna and yall writing this bs they bonding whatever brooke took her ring off ridge still wearing his whats up with that ok he may let that no acting no job cant dress with shit sjauna take his off but what is he proveing please brooke can do much better tjan faggot whimp ass ridge

  5. Kenya Sanders says

    I just hope this doesn’t send brooke over the edge brook has been through so much with ridge sorry ass alcohol.abuse depression i hope he leaves her alone thats right the punk.ass mf made a terrible decison now live with it and leave brooke alone

  6. Guest says

    Really are you as PATHETIC as your comment, Ridge isn’t INNOCENT in this situation. hes Ran to The Vegas Sl☆t for weeks, BROOKE stood up for her daughter. Thomkat was trading His son for sex?? About like STUFFHO, & $-Bill sex for SHARES of FORRESTER, goes to show the MORONY bunch are all alike, MONEY talks donky-ding-dust blow’s in the wind

  7. Guest says

    BROOKE is BETTER than “Viagra” boy?? She DESERVED to be with a MAN that can be her equal, not a family of CRIMINAL FORRESTERs- Shes a waste of talent with This RIDGE, These spoilers are so mixed up, its PATHETIC, just to think this drama is going one way & it takes the whole drama into another direction- just for viewers OPINIONS

  8. Guest says

    I Agree with Jack and the rest of your rant is senseless

  9. Guest says

    Brooke only protects her children, no forgiveness for her husband children, even when she thought his child was dead, she still would not Express forgiveness, or understanding, trust is gone.

  10. Guest says

    Quit cursing an ACTRESS?? Such immaturity, WOW , how in God’s name is an ACTRESS a “Bit☆h” , just because your a Stuffy fan, RETARTED , deranged person

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