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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Luna Questions Poppy About Tom, What Is She Hiding?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Luna Questions Poppy About Tom, What Is She Hiding?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers reveal that Tom will stop by to pay Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) at visit at Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) mansion.

Tom will come under the pretense of delivering a pizza so that his visit doesn’t raise questions. However, Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) has questions anyway. What Is Poppy hiding about her connection to this homeless man?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Poppy Nozawa Wants Nothing To Do With Tom

The Bold And the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Poppy made it very clear to Tom that she was not going to acknowledge him and wanted him away from her and Bill as quickly as possible.

Poppy certainly didn’t want Bill to realize that she knew this man at all. So how are Poppy and Tom connected?

It seems that Luna will wonder the same thing when Tom shows up at the house and refers to her mother as Poppy.

Only people close to her mother call her that so there has to be some kind of connection and Luna wants to know what it is. Just exactly who is this strange man that she has never met before?

B&B Spoilers – Luna Nozawa Demands Answers

Luna knows that her mother has lied to her before, so she has no reason to believe her when she tries to spin this story.

After all, Luna had been lied to her entire life until Bill finally convinced Poppy to have a DNA test to see if Luna was his child. Didn’t Poppy just tell her a few months ago that it wasn’t possible?

Poppy has also taken her “special mints” for years without anyone knowing it. Poppy knows that those mints led to Luna ending up in Zende Forrester’s bed.

Luna cannot forget what happened because of her mother’s lies and she doesn’t want her father to get hurt by them either. Luna will demand answers or else.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Will Luna Nozawa Turn To Her Father?

Poppy is obviously not going to want to come clean to Luna about whoever this guy is and what their connection is. However, Luna could always turn to her father and tell him about the visit.

Perhaps Luna hears Tom threaten Poppy and feels she needs to turn to Bill. Bill loves her and her mother, he will make this right.

Will Luna have to resort to threatening her mother to find out what is going on and to try to help her fix it? Katie Logan (Heather Tom) is suspicious of Poppy too and Poppy may need Bill’s help.

Will Poppy come clean or will Luna have to involve her dad. What other secrets is Poppy hiding from her family?

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  1. Joe says

    Why do these stupid writers keep drama in breaking up families. Even the Forresters which is the stars of the show can’t maintain a healthy relationship. Please let Poppy and Bill have a storyline for a while. No more Katie and Bill or Thomas and Hope. Let Thomas and Paris raise Douglas and get married. Send Hope and steffy on vacation for a few months.

    1. Ella says

      Do not agree. Truth come about the type of person Poppy really is and send her away. Bill deserves to be happy with Katie and their son Will. Bring Hope and Thomas together again. Send Paris back to where she and Thomas came from. Have Bill learn the truth about Luna not being his daughter. Fair.

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