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Coronation Street Spoilers: Huge Storyline For Curtis And Emma This Holiday Season

Coronation Street: Curtis Delamere and Emma Brooker“Coronation Street” teases another milestone for lovers Curtis Delamere and Emma Brooker this upcoming Christmas.

In the last episode (November 5), Curtis and Emma revealed to Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) their decision to tie the knot. Emma revealed Curtis asked her to marry him and the two set a date and planned to celebrate the wedding on Christmas.

When Curtis (Sam Retford) and Emma (Alexandra Mardell) arrived at the Rovers, the sweethearts made their engagement public by telling Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford). However, the two doubted the young couple if they are committed to marrying, knowing that the two are still new to the relationship. Will Steve and Tracy stop them?

In the previous episodes, Steve rejected Emma’s request to borrow Oliver’s fund to help Curtis in searching for a medical expert to help him with his heart condition. After seeing how the two lovers were into each other, Steve allowed Curtis to use his savings, though Tracy did not support the idea. Steve McDonald gave the amount anyway as an advance wedding present.

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers – Curtis Delamere Feels Emotional

Later that day, Curtis felt emotional after all the support which Emma’s family has given to him. He told Emma about his plan to drop out of medical school to always be right by her side.

Everyone is very excited about the upcoming wedding, but Curtis’s future is still unclear as his heart condition remains to be a mystery.

Will Curtis still make it to the wedding?

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers – Curtis Delamere’s Bucketlist Includes Marrying Emma Brooker

Corie’s Curtis Delamere asked his girlfriend Emma Brooker to marry him before he leaves this world.

While preparing for his upcoming examination, Curtis dropped out of school when he felt like he might not live longer to achieve his goals because of his undiagnosed heart condition.

Steve McDonald encouraged him to take the exam and even offered to send him to school. However, Steve’s car failed to start, which led Curtis to push the vehicle and he ended up in the hospital.

Filled with worry, Emma rushed to the hospital, thinking that she might lose her boyfriend. Curtis comforted his girlfriend, telling her to relax, as it was nothing serious.

When they returned to their flat, Curtis told Emma that he wanted to make a bucket list of the things he desires to do before he dies. “I know the main thing I want to do and I think if Abi (Sally Carman) and Kev (Michael Le Vell) can do it after they’ve been through, so can we,” Curtis said.

Emma was surprised when she saw her boyfriend kneeling in front of her, asking her to marry him: “Emma, will you marry me?”

With a delightful heart, Emma replied: “Of course, I’ll marry you!”

The sweethearts sealed the moment with a kiss and were ready to face the rest of their lives together. But is Emma going to be a brokenhearted woman sooner?

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