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Coronation Street Star Gareth Pierce Discusses Todd Grimshaw’s Romantic Plot

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Todd Grimshaw opens his door for a new love interest.

In the previous episodes of the longest-running soap, Todd got involved in an iconic love triangle when Billy Mayhew started to show romantic feelings for Paul Foreman. During a night out, Billy opened up to Paul and expressed his madness against Todd for being violent towards Mike. Paul got disappointed about the matter, but little did he know, it was Billy who attacked the man.

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 However, the two became closer when Billy took care of Paul when Carla Connor hit him while driving the Underworld van.

Gareth Pierce

During one of his previous interviews, the ITV soap’s producer, Ian MacLeod, talked about their love triangle.

“Romance is in the air for the two of them, but I’ll leave you to guess which pair it might be,” he told Digital Spy. “We’ve been back and forth for years and have picked a team, but whatever team ends up being the couple at the end, the story will be about the three of them,” he added.

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In the upcoming scenes of “Coronation Street,” Todd opens himself to fall in love again. The man previously tried to break the love between Billy and Paul as he desired to win back his former lover.

However, his plan failed him leaving the door open for a new romance to come. In his latest interview, Gareth Pierce opened up about his heart’s status in the future storyline.

“It’s been good for him to have some largely single after breaking up Billy and Paul, but it would be interesting to explore. I think there might be a possible love interest on the horizon for Todd. That would be good new ground for me to explore, too!” the actor told Inside Soap.

Moreover, he stated his admiration towards his co-star, Daniel Brocklebank, who he adores working with any storylines.

Pierce also revealed that his character shows support to Billy and Paul as the latter continues to struggle with motor neuron disease.

Fans can see a blossoming friendship between the three as the characters begin to trust each other one more time. “It’s a storyline that can make everybody realize there are bigger issues than romantic rivalries,” he uttered.

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