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Coronation Street Star Tina O’Brien Hints Stephen Reid’s Future

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Tina O’Brien discussed Stephen Reid’s future plot.

Stephen is hailed as one of the most iconic villains in the history of “Coronation Street.” With three killings and multiple illegal activities, the title really suits him. He also managed to escape all those crimes, so he must be good at what he does. However, everything done badly has equivalent consequences, so the man might soon be paying the price.

In the previous episodes of the longest-running soap, the hated character got troubled with his ex-fiancée, Elaine Jones. He once applied for joint life insurance and planned to kill the woman so he can have all the money in the policy. However, his evil plans failed him when Elaine discovered the documents and noticed the forged signature under her name. Though she was all over the man, Elaine still decided to put their relationship to an end.

Coronation Street: Tina O Brien

Coronation Street  Spoilers – Sarah Barlow Becomes Stephen Reid’s Victim

Recently, Stephen made his niece his own victim when he faked the DNA results of Sarah Barlow’s unborn child. The woman cried her heart out when she discovered that Damon Hay was the real father of her baby. On the other hand, Adam Barlow requested a copy of the DNA test. As he received the letter, Sarah expected a furious reaction from her husband.

However, she was wrapped with confusion when Adam celebrated as the letter said he was the father. During the surprise gender reveal party, the man was covered with wrath as he realized that the result was fake. Meanwhile, Stephen came clean about the matter saying that he forged the letter and shredded the original copy. As a result, Sarah voiced her anger at Stephen for interfering in her life.

Coronation Street  Spoilers – Tina O’Brien Talks Her Character’s Current Relationship With Stephen Reid

In her latest interview, Tina O’Brien shared her character’s attitude toward her uncle Stephen after changing the DNA results. She stated that Sarah has had a lot on her plate lately, but it doesn’t mean she forgot what happened. “I think that’s been stored away. She’s not really sort of going there with it at the moment,” the actress told

“She’s got far too many problems of her own right now but maybe, you know, further along, it may be something that triggers something, I don’t know, makes her realize he isn’t to be trusted,” she added. O’Brien also gave praises to the villainous character as he has taken care of Sarah and has been good to her.

Moreover, when asked about the possible exit of Stephen Reid, the 40-year-old actress said: “I’ve genuinely no idea how this story ends, so it will be so interesting. However it ends, I’ll be obviously gutted if Todd leaves because I adore him and I love working with him.”

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