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A Closer Look At The Lavish Lifestyle Of Melania Trump

A Closer Look At The Lavish Lifestyle Of Melania TrumpBeing the wife of business mogul and former President, Donald Trump has its luxurious benefits. Still, well before the two got married in 2005, Melania Trump was living in the lap of a lavish lifestyle as a model, and she’s also earned a pretty penny from her QVC jewelry line.

As the old saying goes, work hard, play hard, so let’s take a closer look into Ms. Trump’s extravagant lifestyle.

Melania Trump – Gets The Finest Form Of Travel

Whenever the former first lady has travel plans, all she needs to do is turn to hubby, The Donald, to organize the jet, as the family owns a private aircraft.

The former U.S. President has owned many a private plane over his time as a real estate mogul, from a Sikorsky S76 helicopter to a Cessna Citation X.

Still, the custom Boeing 757 is his pride and joy, featuring multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a conference room, and dining room, donned with interior Italian leather seats.

Ms. Trump once told Jetset Magazine that the 757, is “beautiful” and very comfortable. No kidding! What a way to fly!

Still, there was a time when Melania took a break from the 757 and flew the continent in Air Force One when Donald was the 45th American President.

Melania Trump – Has A Number Of Homes

From the Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida to a penthouse at Trump Towers in NYC, Melania has multiple houses across the globe, where she and Donald call “home”; not to mention the countless hotels and resorts they can stay in when they travel.

Melania Trumps – Luxurious Wardrobe

As a former model, Ms. Trump is known for her style and expensive taste in clothing. Herve Pierre, Melania’s stylist was once asked his favorite place to shop for her clothes in 2017, and he noted Saks, Michael Kors, Bergdorf, and Dior.

Melania has been spotted wearing a Dolce & Gabbana coat, retailing over $50,000, as well as a Delpozo dress, costing close to $3,000, and a Gucci coat with a price tag of $5,000. Still, nothing comes close to her wedding dress which was almost a whopping $100,000.

In addition, her designer shoe collection is worth more than a luxury car; according to reports, it is worth over $100,000.

Melania Trump – Loves Nice Vehicles

Speaking of, while it’s rare to see Melania behind the wheel when she does decide to take a drive, she’s got a number of lavish options.

From her Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (gifted to her by her hubby when she was pregnant with Barron) to the family Rolls-Royce, she also once had the option of being transported from “point A” to “point B” in a Cadillac limousine while Donald was in the White House.

It was touted as “The Beast”, custom built, and featured an armored exterior and bullet-proof windows. In addition, there were other security measures, including protection from a potential chemical attack. The Trumps weren’t only traveling in style, but state-of-the-art protection style!

Melania Trump – Sends Her Son To A High-Priced School

While Donald Trump has four other kids, Barron Trump is Melania’s only child and the apple of her eye. In 2021, he entered a private school near Mar-a-Lago, Oxbridge Academy. The tuition costs $34,000 each year for middle school students and $41,500 for high-school-aged teens.

As Melania has lived a lavish life, Barron has been exposed to this, too. Being born to both a model, business mogul, and former president, has its perks. He grew up in Manhattan, the White House, and the ritziest schools in Florida.

Melania described her son to ABC News, when he was only seven, as “not a sweatpants” child, and that he doesn’t mind putting on a suit, but “not every day”, as he does sometimes like to put on a tie like “Daddy”.

What do you think of Melania’s lavish lifestyle? Chime in on the discussion below, and make sure to visit this site often for the best celebrity and political news and updates.

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