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Amber Heard Avoids Charges For Smuggling Yorkshire Terriers Into Australia

Amber Heard finally got a break. After months of slams over her court case against Johnny Depp, Australia dropped its own charges against the actress.

The government’s decision closes the potential criminal case she faced about lying in regard to taking her Yorkshire terriers into the country.

Find out about the drama involving Amber and her dogs. And learn how Depp got involved. Get all the details below.

Australia Drops Case Against Amber Heard

Amber Heard can stop worrying about her dog scandal. It all began eight years ago, when the actress faced claims that she fibbed about illegally smuggling her two dogs, Boo and Pistol, into Australia.

However, after all those years, Australia has dropped their threats of prosecution action, reported the Daily Mail.

Amber Heard Avoids Charges For Smuggling Yorkshire Terriers Into Australia

The doggy drama started when Amber took her two Yorkshire terriers into the country in May 2015. Because the actress did so without declaring them, the agriculture minister at the time, Barnaby Joyce, threatened to put down little Boo and Pistol. And Joyce claimed he would euthanize the pups if Heard and Depp didn’t “bugger off” back to the United States.

That threat then turned into a national debate in Australia. Because Amber broke the country’s rigid quarantine regulations by taking the dogs into the country, some thought that she should face charges.

And Heard and her ex-partner Depp even created what became known as a “hostage” video apology.

Amber Heard – Paid Fine For Dogs

And at the time, Heard did pay a fine for breaking the quarantine laws. But she managed to avoid conviction. And she did so with help from a video apology with Depp.

Joyce then accepted the apology from the actress and actor, although he mocked them by declaring their video unlikely to qualify for an Academy Award.

However, the dog drama returned in 2020 amid a libel case against a British newspaper outlet. And Depp alleged that Heard knew she broke the law by taking her Yorkshire terriers into the country. But Johnny claimed that Amber pressured him to lie under oath.

And Heard’s former assistant supported Depp, saying that the actress ignored advice that taking the dogs to Australia would create problems.

As a result, the Australian government began an investigation into allegations of perjury. And the agriculture department revealed it evaluated the charges with help from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Amber Heard – Gets New Puppy

However, the Commonwealth director of public prosecutions decided not to follow through with charges against Heard. “The department collaborated with agencies, both in Australia and overseas, to investigate these claims against Ms Heard,” shared the agriculture department.

“A brief of evidence was referred to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, who has made the decision not to prosecute in this instance having applied the prosecution policy of the Commonwealth.”

Meanwhile, a few years ago, Heard got a new puppy. And she named it in honor of the dog drama, calling it Barnaby. Amber also teased her followers by posting pics of her hiding the new puppy under her coat. And she joked, “Some habits die hard.”  

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Australia made the right decision to drop the charges against Amber Heard? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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