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Amber Heard Needs Extra Security At Film Premiere Amid Johnny Depp Fans Threats!

Amber Heard recently attended her first film premiere since her court case against Johnny Depp. But even though more than a year has passed since that legal battle, Depp supporters threatened Heard online. As a result, Italian police added security to the film premiere to protect the actress. 

Find out what Amber’s co-stars shared after working with her on her new movie. And learn how she protected herself amid returning to the spotlight. Get all the details below.

Amber Heard Faces Online Threats Amid Film Premiere

Fans of Johnny Depp continue to threaten Amber Heard online. As a result, when the actress returned to the spotlight more than a year after her battle with Depp, she required additional protection.

And Italian police came through, beefing up the security when Amber appeared at the Taormina Film Festival in Italy. Heard posed with fans to publicize her new movie, In the Fire, reported Yahoo.

Amber Heard Needs Extra Security At Film Premiere Amid Johnny Depp Fans Threats!

The movie takes place in the 1890s. And Amber portrays a widowed New York psychiatrist who heads to South America to help a child rumored to be possessed by the devil. But after the backlash of her trial against Depp, Heard took care in publicizing the movie. And the actress focused on the film, directed by Conor Allyn. Heard described her new film as a “movie about love” and “the overwhelming power that love has.”

However, the movie’s producer Pascal Borno described worries from the film’s execs and festival organizers about the risk presented by Depp supporters. And he shared that he met with the Italian police to ask for additional security. Because of the online threats that Amber still receives, the police “took it seriously. And afterwards I promised them selfies with Amber,” Borno added.

Amber Heard’s Co-Stars Support Her

However, the actress received strong support from her co-stars at their movie premiere. And one co-star admitted feeling “relieved” to see fans cheering for Amber. Italian actor Luca Calvani, who also starred in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., slammed “all the stuff being yelled online at this beautiful human being.” The cast worked on In the Fire in between Depp losing his libel case against a U.K. tabloid and winning his U.S. defamation trial. 

And Calvani admitted that the trial loomed over the entire cast. “We felt the gravity of this huge media machine building against all of us,” noted the actor. “And the camaraderie of the shoot felt like a good distraction.” And the movie’s director, Conor Allyn, praised Heard. Amber proved her “amazing” acting talents “in front of the camera,” shared the director.

But she also became “a partner in crime behind the camera. Once we started shooting, it was from Day One a comfort blanket to have her there. I knew I could point the camera at her, and I would get something good,” he added. And Allyn shared his hopes that the film begins a “mega-comeback” for Heard. She will also star in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom later this year. And Calvani gushed, “Amber is back. She’s great, radiant, a good actor and she is resilient.”

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