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Amber Heard Swaps STAGED Bargain Store Pics For Fishy Upscale Hamptons Shop!

Amber Heard Swaps STAGED Bargain Store Pics For Fishy Upscale Hamptons Shop!In the wake of Amber Heard losing her trial with Johnny Depp, the actress faces rumors of financial woes. And then surprise! Amber showed up in photos taken at a bargain store. But now rumors have soared that the Aquaman actress faked those photos. And adding to those allegations, Heard just showed up at an upscale shop in the Hamptons. 

Find out about the rumors that Amber staged those bargain store photos. And learn which Hamptons shop attracted the actress. Plus: Discover exactly what Heard bought to maintain that slender figure! Get the latest Amber Heard news below. 

Amber Heard – ‘Staged’ TJ Maxx Pics?!

The latest flood of Amber Heard rumors began when TMZ described the actress as hunting for bargains at TJ Maxx in New York. And the website also claimed that Amber faces a depressing situation after losing to Johnny Depp in the trial. As a result, she supposedly needs to look for inexpensive new clothes. 

But Twitter promptly dragged both TMZ and Heard for the photos showing her hunting through racks at TJ Maxx. For instance, one critic wrote, “Come on guys. Do you really think if this wasn’t staged, she would wear this outfit which screams ‘Look at me’? Much easier to wear a pair of dark sunglasses if really trying to hide.”

And another chimed in, “For most of us, nothing’s wrong with TJ Maxx. I shop there! But in Amber’s eyes, this is the lowest of the low.” As a result, the critic claimed, “And she’s clearly doing this for sympathy. ‘Oh, poor Amber, she can’t shop on Rodeo Drive anymore!’ I’ll cry as many tears for Amber as she cried on the stand.”

Amber Heard – Goes From Bargain Stores To Chic Hamptons Shop

However, Heard didn’t languish for long among the clothes racks at TJ Maxx. And heigh ho, heigh ho, Amber and the paparazzi showed up at a chic grocery store in the Hamptons. But while some might dive into the ice cream and cookie section for consolation, the slender actress preferred something fishy (literally). 

Fellow shoppers spied Heard at an upscale grocery store in Southampton, Citarella, reported Page Six. However, the actress talked only with the fishmonger as she carefully chose a selection of salmon. But aside from help with fish, Amber talked with no one.

“She was very unassuming,” commented one spy. And the shopper viewed Heard’s outfit as “very Hamptons casual. No makeup.” However, other shoppers respected Amber’s privacy and made no attempts at chatting her up. But someone did check out her grocery cart! And the contents showed exactly how Heard maintains that slim physique. In her cart: “Cheerios, Diet Coke and cauliflower.” Amber also purchased red pepper and lettuce. Dinner of champions?!

Tell us what you think. Do you believe that Amber Heard staged those TJ Maxx photos? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news. 

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