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Are Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Together Again?

Brad PittJennifer Aniston fans are going wild with speculation that she and her ex Brad Pitt are back on! Could it be that they have actually have reunited and not told us?

What is causing the latest Twitterverse frenzy? It turns out that a man, make that three quarters of a male human (we presume) is seen in Jen’s selfie—and–it is rumored they are working in the same locale.

Jennifer Aniston News – Brad Pitt Secretly In Jennifer Aniston’s Selfie?

Let’s look at the facts. A-lister Jennifer Aniston posted a photo on Instagram that has ignited all kinds of rumors she and Brad Pitt are reunited because there is a torso and legs which may, could be, might belong to Pitt. This half-man is laying on the floor and sadly his face is obscured, shrouded by Jen’s visage. You can see where the conspiracy theorists have a point.

The actress has been sharing behind-the-scenes pics from filming on the second series of The Morning Show AND she is thought to be in the same area as Brad Pitt who is working on his latest movie, Bullet Train.

Yep, link these events together and what you have is a second marriage, a re-do for the golden couple. Jk. But seriously, why keep the guy hidden unless there is something to hide, right?

brad pitt and jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston News – Do You Want Brad And Jen To Reunite?

Jennifer’s selfie has her dog Clyde in it and it appears to be taken in her trailer on the set. Sources told the Mirror that the torso-man was not Brad, but that did nothing to quench the voracious chatter about Brad ‘n Jen 2.0

In fact, celebrity gossip Instagram page, Deuxmoi, had reportedly received several tips that Brad and Jen were in the same vicinity. Granted, vicinity is a spacious word, and that could mean the same café, block, or country, depending on one’s interpretation of regionality.

Jennifer Aniston News – Brad ‘n Jen Back on?

They shared the pic from Jennifer’s Instagram Story, with a caption: “There are rumours of [Brad] hanging with Jen in her trailer,” and circled the legs of the mystery man lying down behind Jen.

That’s all it took. From there fans pounced on every possible similarity they could find to Brad Pitt. One said the torso man was dressed in Brad-like clothes, another said the size was just like Brad.

They split 15 years ago, when Brad met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith; he left Jen for Angelina and they are now in divorce court fighting over custody issues.

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