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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Really Over

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Really OverBen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez divorce rumors have hit an all time high, and there seems to be some truth to them.  When Ben and J-Lo reunited after over a decade, it seemed like the celebs finally got their happily ever after.  But, all good things must come to an end.  Recent developments in the Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez saga say the couple really has split.

Jennifer Lopez MIA

Last month multiple outlets ran reports from inside sources, saying that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had split and were living in separate houses. 

It didn’t look good when J-Lo walked the red carpet at the Met Gala by herself.  Then Affleck skipped his wife’s huge Atlas movie premiere. 

When Jennifer Lopez was promoting Atlas she was asked about her marriage and she snapped at reporters for going there and refused to comment.

Ben Affleck has been stepping out solo as well.  Over the weekend the actor was snapped by the paparazzi getting out of his car and walking somberly by himself to his daughter Violet’s graduation party. 

Jennifer Lopez was nowhere in sight.  If the couple was still together, wouldn’t J-Lo have attended his oldest daughter’s milestone party?

Ben Affleck Claims Temporary Insanity

The couple was seemingly co-parenting with their respective exes just fine.  If Lopez didn’t attend the party with her husband it was because she chose not to, not because Violet and her mother Jennifer Garner banned her from the festivities.

A friend of Ben Affleck told Page Six, “If there was a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he would.  He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream, and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”

At this point Jen and Ben haven’t made an official announcement, but all signs are pointing to a divorce.  Are you surprised the couple didn’t last?  Or just surprised that they lasted that long? 

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