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Ben Affleck Trolls Paps Amid Divorce Rumors

Ben Affleck Trolls Paps Amid Divorce RumorsBen Affleck was caught trolling the paparazzi. This comes amid the rampant divorce rumors. Fans noticed clues that Ben and his wife Jennifer Lopez are having marital problems. Reports also suggest they’re living in separate homes. Read on to learn more.

Ben Affleck – Trolls Papas With Phone

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted together for the first time in months. The couple went for a drive on Sunday, May 19. They drove away from a family event in Brentwood, California. The couple smiled at the paparazzi, who snapped photos from the sidewalk.

Ben trolled the paparazzi as he rolled down his window. He turned his phone screen to the cameras. He showed off his lock screen, which featured a sexy photo of his wife. The text read, “Jennifer Affleck” across the screen.

Some fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts. Most of them accused Ben Affleck of trolling the paps amid the divorce rumors. “Oh, come on guys! At least make it seem less staged. Why am I amused by all these updates?” one fan asked. “They just trolling everyone,” another user noted.

Gone Girl Actor Walks Alone

Ben Affleck may hate red-carpet events, but he loves pap shots. The actor was spotted walking alone with a pair of flower bouquets. He had an interesting expression on his face. Ben wore a purple plaid shirt over a gray T-shirt that read, “Full Throttle. Believe in Boston.”

He finished off his outfit with jeans and trainers. Ben walked down the street and held both bouquets in his left hand. In his right hand was a plastic cup. He met up with J.Lo in the alley. Both of them stared at each other.

Caught Crying?

Fans are convinced that Ben Affleck was crying in the first set of photos. Both Jen and Ben looked smiley in the shots. In another Reddit thread, fans called out the couple for faking their happiness.

“[Ben and Jennifer] are the high school couple that can’t exist without drama. It’s exhausting!” one fan wrote.

“[Ben] looks like he’s about to cry! I always say I have a resting depressed face even when I’m smiling,” another fan wrote.

On Friday, May 17, an insider told Us Weekly that Ben Affleck moved out of their Beverly Hills home “several weeks ago.” Their marital problems started “a few months ago.” Jennifer Lopez is doing everything in her power to make things work.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Ben Affleck is trolling the paps? Do you think he was caught crying? Will the couple make it this time around? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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