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Bette Midler Eyes Real Housewives Gig

Bette Midler is a living legend, on the stage and on the big screen.  Over the years Bette Midler has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with.  The Real Housewives should be worried.

Apparently, Bette wants to add reality TV star to her resume, and has her eye on RHOBH.  Keep reading for all the crazy details.

Was Bette Midler Joking

Last week Bette Midler raised eyebrows when she posted on X that she wanted to become a Real Housewife. 

The 78 year old wrote, “Is it too late for me to become a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills? I’ve never watched it, but I am in the mood to talk some s–t. And to get paid for it? A dream!” 

Bette Midler Eyes Real Housewives Gig

The official Bravo page and Andy Cohen quickly jumped on Bette’s post and made it clear they would be happy to have her.

Was it just a joke, or would Bette Midler actually make a reality TV cameo on Bravo?  According to an inside source, Bette was stone cold serious.

Apparently the actress and songstress is annoyed that she can’t get a paying gig, but reality TV stars are raking in million dollar deals for sitting around and gossiping on camera.

Watch Out Real Housewives!

The insider told Closer Magazine, “Bette’s not kidding.  She really wants a spot on the show. Even though she claims not to watch it, she’s aware these ladies get paid a ton and she knows she could show them all a thing or two.  Bette’s career is still going but it’s nowhere near what it used to be, and she would welcome the boost that being on the show would bring.”

Can you imagine Bette Midler hanging out with the Real Housewives?  Should Andy Cohen look in to a Real Housewives Golden Edition? 

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