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Caitlyn Jenner Compares Pete Davidson To Kanye West!

Caitlyn JennerKim Kardashian and her family have enjoyed a flood of publicity for their upcoming Hulu show, “The Kardashians.” And amid the hype, Kim managed to surprise her fans by admitting the series will include both her estranged husband Kanye West and new boyfriend Pete Davidson. Now one of Kardashian’s parents, Caitlyn Jenner, offers a fresh take on the men in Kim’s life. 

Find out what Caitlyn just shared in comparing the “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) star, 28, to the rapper, 44. And discover why Jenner hesitates about which side she will take. Learn more below.

Caitlyn Jenner – Dishes On Kanye West And Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian recently visited Caitlyn Jenner to introduce the 72-year-old to her boyfriend Pete Davidson, per E News. But that introduction went wrong very quickly. “I was in trouble because I called him Peter,” confessed Caitlyn. “Kim starts laughing, ‘It’s not Peter, it’s Pete.’ I don’t know, I’m just trying to be polite.”   

However, the use of the wrong name didn’t ruin everything. And Jenner now views Davidson as a “really nice guy.” But Caitlyn also revealed what made her like Pete. “The best part, honestly, is Kim seemed so happy,” she said. “That’s my number one concern.”

As a result of that positive review of Kim’s new relationship, Jenner might want to hesitate to talk about Kanye West. But Caitlyn showed no such hesitation. And instead, Jenner shared that she truly likes West. “I really like Kanye,” stated Caitlyn. “Every time we’ve been together, he’s been absolutely great.”

Will Caitlyn Defend Kanye West? 

However, Caitlyn Jenner does recognize the risks of praising Kanye West. As a result of Kanye using his Instagram to slam Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, Caitlyn admitted that her friendship with West could cause problems. So even though she calls the two “good friends,” Jenner tries to play it safe. 

“I just have to be a little careful because he’s said some things,” pointed out Caitlyn. And she noted the attacks that Kanye has launched on Kim and those supporting her. Because of those social media slams, Jenner feels worried about West’s trashing of the Kardashian and Jenner family. 

And in terms of the rapper slamming the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (KUWTK) clan, Caitlyn doesn’t hesitate. “Especially towards the family… Obviously, I’m on the family’s side,” she shared. “I wish him nothing but the best and I’d love to see him again.”

However, Jenner does seem to have learned her lesson about going public with her feelings. And she shared that though she has discussed Kanye West with the family, she recognizes the need for privacy. “I have to be very quiet,” summed up Caitlyn. 

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Caitlyn Jenner should speak out or stay silent about Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend and estranged husband? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.


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