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Charlie Puth Reveals Reason He Thought Taylor Swift Viral Lyric Mentioning Him Was ‘AI-generated’

Charlie Puth Reveals Reason He Thought Taylor Swift Viral Lyric Mentioning Him Was 'AI-generated'‘Hero’ is now out in the world, but know this, if it weren’t for Taylor Swift singing that Charlie Puth “should be a bigger artist,” Puth wouldn’t have had the courage to release it.

Charlie Puth On Taylor Swift Giving Him “Newfound Hope” To Continue Growing His Music Career

Puth is finally reacting to the now famous Taylor Swift lyric that’s been making the rounds on the internet for a while now, and guess what? He agrees with it!

The “Left and Right” hitmaker actually learnt this little piece of news from a friend, even before the album was officially released. At the time, he thought the friend was mistaken and that the “Anti-hero” singer must have just mentioned him during an interview.

The next thing that popped up on his mind was that it was one of those AI-generated songs.

“I’m going to wake up tomorrow and it was just a big joke that someone was playing on me because someone thinks I shouldn’t be a bigger artist, so get the biggest artist since the Beatles to say that I should be a bigger artist. Ha ha ha,” he recalled thinking.

Fast forward to the release of the album and Puth himself getting to hear Swift sing the words, “You smokеd, then ate seven bars of chocolate/We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist.”

It was a surreal time for the star and made him reflect more on his career than he had ever done before. “It was surreal because it’s never good to look back, but I feel like I could have done things a little differently in the past, but it’s all meant to happen now,” he said.

However, this look back gave him the courage to drop his new single ‘Hero,’ which has more rawness than his usual releases. The song also marks the beginning of a new era for him.

“Just because all my stuff usually has so many f—ing layers, I’m like, ‘Is this song too simple’?’

here’s three sounds,” he said. “I recorded this guitar with a f—ing iPhone. It’s the first time that’s happened to me where I didn’t feel the need to add more.”

If Swift hadn’t given him the shout-out, Puth might not have had the “courage” to release ‘Hero’ let alone let it be a lead single.

“I’d say if it weren’t for Taylor and her mentioning me, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to put this out, which is a big statement. I know,” Puth said of the song that describes a situation where someone is adamant about seeing the mistakes they keep making.

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