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Did Kim Kardashian Disrupt Netflix’s Game Plan By Asking Streamer To Remove Tom Brady Roast Boos?

Did Kim Kardashian Disrupt Netflix's Game Plan By Asking Streamer To Remove Tom Brady Roast Boos?The boos that were heard around the world, however, were not heard later on following the ‘Roast of Tom Brady’ edits. This has led fans to point fingers and they think Kim Kardashian has used her massive influence to get Netflix to tone down the moment that many think must have been a humiliating one for the reality TV star.

Netflix has responded to these claims.

Netflix Responds To Claims Kim Kardashian Asked Them To Remove Massive Boos At Tom Brady Roast

Robbie Praw recently talked about the “nothing is off-limits” three-hour live special, which arrived right smack in the middle of the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival, and generated enough buzz to make it one of the most successful stand-up shows in a while.

In the wake of the special’s success, which was two years in the making, Praw, who is the vice president of stand-up and comedy formats at Netflix, has decided to address the show’s most controversial subject. The booing of one Ms. Kim Kardashian.

Speaking on this with The Hollywood Reporter, Praw said, “Post edits are standard practice for comedy specials and happen in live broadcasts, whether that’s subtitles, adding things or removing things that we can’t do when it’s streaming live. It’s part of, quite frankly, the fun of watching it live to not miss those things. But I will just say this, in addition to that, that no talent were consulted as part of that.”

So no, Kim Kardashian was not consulted for the edits. While Kim Kardashian’s booing did not make the cut, Tony Hinchcliffe “sexist” joke did, but according to Praw, it’s all fun and games and “nothing is off limits.”

And speaking of the “nothing is off limits” sentiment, forget Kardashian’s booing moment, Tom Brady was fried, cooked, and served hot on the show with the roasts coming in like little bombs.

Surprisingly, even though his marriage and divorce took center stage, Praw revealed that the football star handled it well.

“Positive! It was very clear that it was a very special night, both in the football world and in the comedy world, and the mood after the show was pretty jubilant,” he said.

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