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King Charles Shares His Chemotherapy Side Effects

King Charles Shares His Chemotherapy Side EffectsKing Charles recently returned to Royal duties, and has been making his rounds.  At the King’s latest appearance since his cancer diagnosis, he confessed that he is experiencing chemotherapy side-effects.  Here’s what’s going on with King Charles’ cancer treatments, keep reading for all the details and more Royal Family updates!

King Charles – Talks Cancer Treatments

On Monday May 13 King Charles and Prince William made a joint appearance in Hampshire at the Army Aviation Centre.  The Royal father and son duo were on hand for the Colonel-in-Chief handover ceremony. 

The awkward military ceremony was held so King Charles could officially give Prince William his brother Harry’s old title (that he famously abandoned when he ran away from the UK with his wife Meghan Markle).

After the ceremony, King Charles paid his respects to some members of the military and greeted Royal fans. 

While chatting with a British Army veteran who also recently underwent cancer treatments, Charles revealed that he has been suffering with some side effects from the chemotherapy.

According to a new report from People Magazine, “During a conversation with British Army veteran Aaron Mapplebeck, King Charles mentioned experiencing a “loss of taste” during his treatment. Mapplebeck shared that he also faced this issue after undergoing nine rounds of chemotherapy for testicular cancer last February.  The King’s candid discussion about his treatment for cancer comes amid his recent return to royal duties after he has made notable progress in his treatment following his cancer diagnosis, which was announced on Feb. 5.”

King Charles And Kate Middleton’s Different Approaches

It’s interesting that King Charles is basically an open book about his cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments. 

Kate Middleton was also diagnosed with cancer within a month of King Charles and has taken the opposite route.  Prince William and his wife have opted to keep her health details close to the vest.

Have you been following the Royal Family’s cancer battles?  Are you happy to see King Charles back in action? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to check back here for daily Royal Family updates.

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  1. Victoria says

    I wish Catherine would come forward with her cancer type, treatment and so forth. She is doing injustice to the many other women out there and that families with young children and family. I am nor buying the fact that her children are so young and she is protecting them. We cancer survivors need to be open so that others will get checked out. I beg you Catherine to open up and come forward so that others may live and get well.

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