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Dionne Warwick Reveals What Collaborating With Dolly Parton Is Like

From the times we’ve seen her onstage and during interviews, it’s very easy to see that Parton is a fun and lovable person. She jokes, she laughs, and she’s all about spreading joy to the world, especially to little children. P.S. her charity has provided books for many underprivileged children and underfunded schools, and she’s planning on giving the magic of books to even more children in the future.

Enough about what is common knowledge about Parton, what does her collaborators think about her? Dionne Warwick has just let us in on that side of her personality.

Dionne Warwick – Says She And Dolly Parton Are Like “Two Peas in a Pod”

Dionne Warwick, 82, and Dolly Parton, 77, singing a beautiful gospel song together is like one of those things that only happen once in as so many years. Recently, the two legends combined their voices for a rendition of “Peace Like A River”, the first single off Warwick’s upcoming inspirational album.

Dionne Warwick Reveals What Collaborating With Dolly Parton Is Like

While filming the gospel music’s yet-to-be released music video, Warwick talked about collaborating with Dolly Parton and how they’re more alike than she could have guessed.

“We were there to take care of our business, but along with that, we found time to not only smile but outright laugh,” Warwick told Billboard. “Dolly is very, very grounded — which I was thrilled about — but she’s also very business, which I happen to be about as well. So, it felt like two peas in a pod. It wasn’t like we were working at all. It was more like two friends meeting for lunch.”

Collaborating on the track did not only mark the first time that the two musicians worked together, but the first time they met each other. Sadly, they hadn’t crossed paths until then, but once they did, Warwick recalled that there was “more laughter than anything else.”

Dolly Parton – Reacts To Dionne Warwick Loving Her Song

Okay, we’ve heard from Warwick about what it’s like collaborating with Parton. But what did Parton say about collaborating with Warwick on a song she wrote – the track was produced by Warwick’s son and manager Damon Elliott. As for the collab, Parton said that she was “honored to get to sing with one of my idols.”

“I have loved her since we were younger and getting to sing with her was one of the highlights of my career,” Parton said. “I loved that she loved my song, and I loved singing it with her.”

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