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Gene Simmons Reveals He Only Got High Once & It Was A Mistake

Seeing Gene Simmons perform, you might be excused for thinking he’s high, but in reality, the rockstar has only ever been high one time during the course of his life, and it was an experience that he’d never forget.

In fact, he was walking around trying to pretend to everyone that he was normal. You know what? Here’s what really happened.

Gene Simmons – Recalls Eating Spiked Brownies At A Band Party

Call Gene Simmons and charge him to rock all night and he might do just that, but the 74-year-old has never been drunk or high in his life, despite it being the established norm for so many people in his line of work.

Whenever he’s at a party and the others are grabbing drinks and other substances, he’ll be looking for the sweet stuff. Until the day he found a sweet stuff that contained dizzying amounts of cannabis and put him through an experience he could never hope to be repeated.

Gene Simmons Reveals He Only Got High Once & It Was A Mistake

The rock star talked about the experience during his recent appearance on “Your Mom’s House with Christina P. and Tom Segura” with his son Nick.

After claiming that he’s never been drunk or high in his life, his son reminded him of “one accidental story” when he got high. The story was one Gene Simmons took up with so much energy.

He gleefully described the incident, which he said took place in 1976 at a party organized by KISS to celebrate the record-breaking number of KISS concerts in Detroit.

“I’ve never before or since had anything like that happen to me. I wasn’t prepared for it,” he said of the unexpected high, adding that he’d originally walked into the party seeking sweet treats, which Nick, 35, said was his “drug of choice.”

“The whole room is full, and I’m just seeing the brownies piled on it, and I love that stuff,” explained Gene. “Everyone’s [like] ‘Let’s smoke, let’s put things up our ass.’ No, just give me cake.”

He remembered this hot woman passing around brownies at the party. “It didn’t hurt that she wasn’t bad looking,” Gene joked, before clarifying to Nick that it happened “before I met your mom.”

He recalled eating the first one and asking for another one. “Then I started, like a dog with a bone, just following her around. ‘Can I have another one?’ ‘You want another one?’ And I just kept eating it — six,” he detailed.

It didn’t take long for the effects of the cannabis in the brownies to kick in and the whole room started swimming around him. “The room started to get bigger, and my head started to get smaller — all the way down to the size of an olive on my shoulder,” he said. “I remember this — I started to open my eyes so that people would think I was normal.”

He recalled feeling that his hands “ballooned up like cartoons” until he ran into Creem magazine co-founder Jaan Uhelszki — who had previously spoken to Classic Rock about the ill-fated evening in 2019.

However, Uhelszki’s version of events was slightly different, as she recalled that the party took place in 1974 and Gene had only had three brownies before the effects kicked in.

Gene Simmons – Doesn’t Do Drugs or Drink Alcohol For This Sweet Reason

On a more serious note, Gene revealed sympathy for his dear mother made him keep away from everything that may bring her pain.

“I never wanted to get high or drunk because of my mother. She was in a concentration camp when she was 14 years of age, and I never wanted to break her heart,” he noted. “I was always aware I never wanted to disappoint her — there was enough aggravation. So I never smoked cigarettes, never got high, never got drunk.”

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