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General Hospital Spoilers: Brick Is The Bad Guy — And He’ll Work With Jordan To Take Sonny Down

General Hospital spoilers report Brick (Stephen A. Smith) never cared for Dex Heller (Evan Hofer). Although Dex has come to Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) aid in desperate times — always swooping in and saving his life — Brick just can’t seem to move past what appeared to be a gut instinct that the kid was bad news.

For a long time, we assumed Brick was just reacting to his internal red flag system as Dex was a traitor being hired to take Sonny down. But could it actually be that Brick has been the bad guy all along, and he didn’t like Dex coming into the business and potentially figuring out what he was up to?

Rumor has it his new alliance with Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) just might be another way to take his boss down — all while wooing the Deputy Mayor.

General Hospital Spoilers — Patience Is A Virtue

Brick has been rather patient with Dex all of this time. He didn’t like the kid from the start, but it seemed like a genuine concern for Sonny and his business at the time.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brick Is The Bad Guy — And He'll Work With Jordan To Take Sonny Down

Now that we know it may have been more sinister motives that led to Brick’s disdain for Dex, it makes sense that he didn’t want to push the issue after Sonny was so adamant about his affection for his new right-hand man.

Brick knew he needed to bide his time and wait for Dex to lay his own trap — and it worked. Dex walked right into this when he received another payment from Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), and Brick knew it would be all downhill from there.

GH Spoilers – Suggest Jordan Ashford And Brick Grow Closer

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Jordan and Brick developing an interest in one another. As romance blossoms between them, the new Deputy Mayor could find herself in uncomfortable territory if she unearths the truth about what Brick has been up to.

Finding out that he’s been working against Sonny to take him down — along with many other mobsters — could lead to Jordan suspecting he was only dating her to glean information on what she knew.

If he can manage to convince her his feelings for her are authentic though, there may be more to this story.

General Hospital Spoilers — The Dark Side Of The Dark Side

Will Jordan side with Brick and break the law just to be credited with finally putting Sonny behind bars?

She might not be willing to co-sign a man’s death, but the accolades that would come with bringing such an infamous mob boss to justice wouldn’t go unnoticed.

As Jordan continues to climb the ladder in her career, could her desire to become even more than Laura Collins’ (Genie Francis) number two lead her down a path of cavorting with the other side, convincing herself the ends justify the means?

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

  1. Judy In South Carolina says

    I’ve been saying the rat was Brick from the beginning. I never felt that GH was going to permanently break up Joss and Dex, at least not at this stage. Sonny and Dex’s “showdown” certainly DID, however, provide us with some superb acting by Maurice, Evan and Eden. Maybe the fourth time will another Emmy nomination Eden.

  2. Mimi says

    Sorry Judy in the end u will be wrong, Brick is not the bad guy.

    1. MidnightQueen says

      I agree Brick has been loyal to Sonny for years with and without Jason. I believe that jagger and Cyrus are the ones responsible

    2. lbc says

      I have to agree with you Mimi don’t and won’t believe Brick is the mole until it is revealed. So many have been made suspect in this story line until it is getting ridiculous. Brick has never implied or suggested he wanted to take Sonny down or take over the business. Once some time ago I remember a conversation between the two whereby Sonny want to to include Brick in more of the activities of his business and he declined. I really don’t feel writers are sure who they will actually reveal as the mole and are just throwing darts at the board or who is the next person to be instigated. If anyone known is the mole I would say Cyrus and/or Selina should be suspect before Brick. I may be wrong, but will hold my ground until proven wrong by the actual writers of GH and won’t allow writers of spoiler sites or viewers to change my instincts.

  3. Steven Anderson says

    I agree Sonny cannot be worried about if brick is the mower or not. We don’t know who could’ve been his traitor in the organization. We don’t know I wish they would wrap the storyline out. They’re dragging it out way too much. And why would brick when a betrays sunny he’s always been a good guy.

  4. Nanlee says

    Shame on Brick!!!!For him to even go there against Sonny..Disgusting Disturbing,For him to even get somewhat close to Jordan crazy out of his mind pathic let alone have any kind getting with her..There others you could put Brick with other then Jordan..That would be a unwatchable scene and story line to avoid completely..Jordan is tasteless as it islet alone put her with Brick Unbelievable Pathic…

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