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General Hospital Alum Antonio Sabato Jr. Recreates Iconic Shirtless Pool Photo & Reveals Secret Affair With Madonna

Actor and former Calvin Klein model, Antonia Sabato Jr. who also played John “Jagger” Cates on General Hospital (GH) recently had a chat with the U.S. Sun, detailing his past in the spotlight.

He also took the time to recreate an iconic photo he took during his Hollywood heyday in the ‘90s, while at his new home in Tarpon Springs. More on this interview, below.

Antonio Sabato Jr. – Still Sizzles, Three Decades Later

For fans that recall, the original photo was taken by the late Eddie Wolfe, while MTV Cribs was visiting Sabato’s home, sometime during the height of his career in the 1990s.

At the age of 51, Antonio hasn’t changed that much over the past thirty years, and he reveals he works out seven days a week still, during the U.S. Sun interview.

General Hospital Alum Antonio Sabato Jr. Recreates Iconic Shirtless Pool Photo & Reveals Secret Affair With Madonna

Sabato also talks about a variety of other things, from his acting/model highlights to being “canceled” by Hollywood, because of his right-wing political views.

For those who recall, Antonio was one of the first in the entertainment industry to support Donald Trump when he first embarked on U.S. presidency hopes in 2015.

Sabato notes during the chat that he had no intentions of controversy; however, this has led his L.A. career to come to a halt, which had him leaving California and heading to the state of Florida.

Still, despite this, he’s still quite busy, not only as a realtor in Tarpon Springs, Florida, but also as someone who still acts, produces, and even races cars.

Antonio Touts That He’s In The “Best Shape” Of His Life, Both Mentally, Physically and spiritually.

Coming To America Sabato talks about his rise to fame in the 1990s, with his father’s decision to move the family to the U.S. for a better life in 1985. It was hard from the get-go, as the family had to learn English and adapt to their new American surroundings.

After three fruitless years in L.A., the family headed back to Italy, and was forced to “start all over again.” Still, this ignited a spark in Antonio.

While he worked multiple jobs in movie theatres and ice cream shots, it wasn’t long before the GH star had the entertainment world reaching out, thanks to his good looks and talent.

Entertainment Highs, Lows + Madonna

Sabato starred in some movies in the early 1990s, began working for General Hospital, and landed Italian films in English. Fashion icon Calvin Klein spotted him in a flick, and that’s when his break as a model “catapulted” him to another level.

He notes the two just “clicked”, and he did campaigns for him, for three years in a row; something no one had ever done before.

Antonio also chats about a short time when he dated Madonna for a little while, one summer. He states he learned a lot about the business from her, and that she’s a “smart” woman. He does add that he kept their relationship quiet, as he never wanted to be a “boy toy”.

No one photographed them together, nor saw them together. It was private because he didn’t want to be “that guy”.

Sabato ends the interview noting that the “best is yet to come” for him. The former GH star says he’s excited about an upcoming film project set for release, as well as the reworking of his memoir.

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