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Gwen Stefani Sets The Record Straight On Her Relationship Status With Blake Shelton

During an interview, singer Gwen Stefani recently addressed the divorce rumors that are buzzing regarding her and Blake Shelton’s marriage.

While she does admit that insecurities can creep up now and again, she also talks about how much she loves him. More on this story, below

Gwen Stefani – Talks About Her Romance With Blake Shelton

During an interview with Nylon, which recently relaunched its print magazine in early April, Stefani stated that she had gone through times when she questioned if she was “getting older” or that she was still “cute”.

Gwen Stefani Sets The Record Straight On Her Relationship Status With Blake Shelton

She adds that in her current relationship, even though she “knows the truth” someone can still create “drama” in their own mind over insecurities and what could “happen”. She admits she once was in that phase with the country-music singer.

Still, she goes on to say that the “truth is”, she is in love with “her best friend” and adds all this “s#!t” she is thinking in her head is just that, “overthinking”.

Gwen Stefani – Makes It Clear There Are No Issues Between Her & Her Hubby

Gwen goes on to say during the Nylon interview that when someone is “in love” and has their values aligned, “no one” can get to them.

She adds that people can say whatever they want about the singer’s romance, but she and Blake know what the truth is.

She points out that about a week ago, a rumor (which has been ongoing as of late) was that Stefani and Shelton were getting a divorce or “something” like that. Gwen makes it clear that this is all “just lies”.

The singing super couple both have very busy work lives, which means limited time together.

They also don’t have what some would call a “normal” relationship due to their careers, so the rumor mills have been working hard when it comes to their romance and buzz around a breakup. Still, it seems that the two are going strong.

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