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Gwen Stefani Talks About The Things She Carries In Her Purse For Blake Shelton, Teases He’ll Be At The Super Bowl

While fans have been worried in recent months about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s marriage, due to their busy schedule pulling them apart, looks like some of the concerns could be put to rest.

Stefani recently posted a video on her TikTok account, promoting her NFL Super Bowl TikTok Tailgate performance.

At the age of 54, The Voice US star’s post was a fun one, revealing the contents of her bag, and noting the reasons behind them.

She was all glammed up, and her hair looked stunning with waves. As she begins, she notes that it’s “almost game time,” so she wants to play ‘what’s in my bag’. Of course, the words “What’s In Gwen’s Bag” floated across the Tik Tok screen.

What’s In Gwen’s Bag?

The first item she flipped out was a lip gloss from GXVE, her very own brand. Then it was mascara and blush from the same line. She also pulls out a smaller bag, that reveals a glam light,

L.A.M.B. shades’ (as she promotes her own eyewear brand), and then she pulls out a chewing gum packet noting that this is “Blake’s gum”.

The last item was clear-colored headphones, “in case” she wants to sing a song.

She concludes the Tik Tok by thanking everyone for seeing what’s in her game day bag. The caption on the video reads, “It’s almost time check out what’s in my bag for the big game gx @NFL @TikTok #TikTokTailgate #NFL.”

As she mentions, “Blake’s gum”, and she’s talking about going to the Super Bowl, could this mean that Blake Shelton will be joining her, too?

Fans Speculation, Couple On The Rocks

Many fans have wondered if the couple is experiencing some issues, lately. The two recently released their much-anticipated “Purple Irises” song, to some criticism.

Some fans feel as if the song sounds more “alternative” than “country”. Of course, the former No Doubt singer is known for the first genre, while Shelton is famous for the latter.

After posting the song on his Instagram account, followers called Blake out stepping away from his regular form of country music to do this song with his wife. Still, beyond all this, fans have also taken a deeper dive into the new son’s lyrics.

Especially with rumors buzzing that their marriage could be in trouble. Stefani recently posted a clip of her and Shelton recording some of the song in the studio. The couple turns to each other and sings:

“But if someone comes along and tries to love you like I love you/Don’t know what I’d do, don’t wanna lose you. If someone comes along and tries to take you, tries to make you/Don’t let ’em change your mind.”

“Wonder why you took a risk/On a broken heart you cannot fix.

“No, I never knew a love like this./ Now I’m picking purple irises.”

People can’t help but think these lyrics about “broken hearts” may not have a deeper meaning for the couple. Only time will tell.

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